Braided Hairstyles To Keep You Cool All Summer

Romantic lady braided hair in wreath of apple trees

Summertime is the favorite season for many due to long and lazy days, cute outfits and braided hairstyles, extended sunshine and lots of outdoor activities. However, it also can bring the extreme heat and often humidity that wreaks havoc on your hair.

When you have long hair, summer can be the most frustrating time of year as the weather conditions may trigger an attack of the frizzies. High temperatures also cause you to feel the weight of your hair and may even have you contemplate chopping it all off. Do not fret, since we can show you the best way to deal with your summertime hair.

This season is the perfect time to experiment with new braided hairstyles that can give you many different looks while cooling you off. The current trend of braids looks great, so grab your bobby pins and start trying out these three adorable braided styles that keep you cool all summer.

Cute, Cheap and Easy Braided Styles

Braids are truly an ideal way to wear your hair, since they work with most lengths and have endless variations. Skip the expensive blowouts and spend a little time watching one of the many tutorials online on different braiding techniques, then spend some time practicing.

The beauty of braids is that you can do whatever you want. You can combine different looks, and all you need are your hands, a brush and comb, some clips and some hair ties. To add variety, try weaving a ribbon into your braids, or tucking in some small fresh flowers for a special occasion.

Start by practicing with a simple braid, and when you have that smooth and mastered, move on to French and Dutch braids. While these techniques work best with unwashed hair, you can cheat by using a great dry shampoo like AG Simply Dry Shampoo to give your hair a little texture and weight.

Braided Hairstyles using AG Simply Dry Shampoo,

Stunning Double French Braid Beauty

One gorgeous braided hairstyle that radiates elegance and refinement is the double French braid beauty. Use a comb to divide your hair down the middle with a zig-zag part. French braid down one side, and when you get to the nape of the neck, secure with a clear elastic. Then wrap a few strands of your hair around to cover the elastic, tucking in gently to secure.

This style looks best when you gently loosen the hair a bit to soften your look. Be sure to then use the DevaCurl Flexible Hold Hair Spray so you can rock this style all day.

braided styles are easier with DevaCurl Hair Spray

Chic French Braid Half Pony Bun

If you are looking for a style that does not take itself too seriously, try this adorable combination of braid, bun and pony. Start with AG Hair Sea Spray to give your hair extra volume and texture, which you want to give the look maximum poufiness.

AG Hair Sea Spray

Separate the top of your hair into three sections, then French braid the middle section until you get to the crown. Then braid a few more turns before securing with an elastic. Gather all the hair into a high half-ponytail, half-bun, pouf it up, and voila! cute and sassy.

Dazzling Dutch Braid Crossover

While this ‘do looks great with any outfit, it really shines when you are showing off your shoulders in a halter top or with spaghetti straps. Just like other braided hairstyles, it is best with volume, so prep your hair with UNITE Boosta Spray Volumizing Spray before starting. Divide the hair in half down the middle, and then again from ear to ear, securing each of the four sections with clips.

Use UNITE Boosta Spray Volumizing Spray

Start the braided style with the right top section and do a Dutch braid until you get down to the bottom, where you cross over and continue by picking up hair from the left bottom section until it is all incorporated. Secure with an elastic, then repeat on the other side.

Then, remove the elastic on one side, carefully knot the braid, wrap into a bun and secure. After repeating on the other side, loosen each side a bit until you get the volume you want.

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These three hairstyles are perfect for any summer festival, day at the beach or just chilling at your best friend’s cookout. Remember, using the right products helps give the necessary volume and also holds your braided hair in place for hours. Check out the incredible selection at LaLa Daisy, where you can find top salon products at great prices.