Lightweight Skin Care Products For Summer

Lightweight Products for Summer

When it’s hot you’ve got to lighten up; that goes for skin care too. Here are our favorite lightweight skin care and summer friendly makeup products. The summer glow may as well be a necessity all year round. Here’s how to get and keep that radiance.

Lightweight Skin Care is Perfect For Summer

In the warmer months, you need to think about how to best develop your individual summer beauty routine and which lightweight skin care products are best for you. This should be a modified routine from your winter regimen because you want to be sure to capitalize on the benefits of different summer products. The sun, chlorine and contrast between the humidity outside and blasting air conditioning inside all wreak havoc on your skin. To combat that stress, choose the right tools for the season.

When selecting your lightweight skin care products, remember the secret to that summer sparkle is giving yourself a great canvas to work with. Just like paintings develop best on clean, uniform canvas, makeup works best when your skin is smooth and even-toned. The way that you achieve this varies from season to season, but at any time of the year, drinking a lot of water throughout the day only serves to help you pull off glowing, radiant skin. Another trick that is always a good idea is using a deep-cleaning facial masque to pull out impurities and keep the skin clear.

Be sure to choose summer products that fall within the category of lightweight skin care. A great pick is Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Overnight Masque thanks to its gentle yet potent ingredients. With blue-green algae, hyaluronic acid, hematite and malachite, your skin feels energized and moisturized.

2 0z jar of Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Overnight Masque is a great choice for lightweight skin care

Just apply a layer at bedtime to both your face and neck before enjoying your beauty sleep. In the morning, rinse off thoroughly and then continue your daily summer skin care. Use this as often as needed, generally either twice or three times a week.

Another must-have lightweight summer skin care product is a serum that helps soothe sun-ripened skin and prevents aging. PCA Skin Anti-Redness Serum works wonders on toning down that redness on skin types ranging from normal to hypersensitive. It can even show great success with conditions like rosacea. When your face has had a little too much fun in the sun, apply this day and night to get back on track.

PCA Skin Anti-Redness Serum is a lightweight skin care product

Just a little bit goes a long way. Apply it to skin after cleansing and follow with a lightweight moisturizer for best results. This serum gives a professional strength outcome while also being paraben-free.

Of course, keeping your skin in its best shape involves using common sense as well. Make sure your summer skin care routine includes applying sunscreen each day, whether you plan to spend significant time in the sun or not. Even driving in your car causes UVA and UVB rays to penetrate through the vehicle windows, aggregating over time to damage and age your skin. Therefore, be sure that your lightweight moisturizer and cosmetics contain SPF to protect your skin cells.

If you head to the beach this summer, make sure you use a dedicated sunscreen with a high SPF. For best skin protection, reapply after going in the water or once a couple of hours have gone by. Sit under a large umbrella, plop a broad-brimmed hat on top of your head, and wear sunglasses each time you are outside. Oversized sunglasses are not only chic and stylish, but help protect that delicate skin at the corners of your eyes, thwarting those wrinkles that age you from forming.

You may notice that during the summer, your crow’s feet are more visible than usual. This is because damage from the sun deepens these little eye tribulations. Treat them with the very luxurious L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Eye Balm. This awesome summer lightweight skin care product helps plump up fine lines and deflate that dreaded puffiness with rich ingredients like:

  • Essential oil from Corsica
  • Organic spring honey
  • Camelina seeds oil
  • Organic shea butter
  • Organic onager oil
L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Eye Balm

It is important to use a product specifically made for the eye area and L’Occitane fits this bill. With antioxidant, anti-aging and fatty acid-rich properties, this opulent cream brightens your under-eye area and aids in restoring it to health.

Lightweight Skin Care For Summer Includes Your Makeup

Swapping in some summer skin care products should include a revamp of those items in your makeup bag. Using lightweight skin care makes a difference and so does applying lighter cosmetics.

Summer heat often causes your skin oils to go into overdrive, increasing output and leading to blemishes. Cover them up carefully with Dermablend Quick Fix Concealer SPF 30 in Bronze, which uses a lightweight formulation to obscure your blemishes. Its mineral UV filters offer protection without chemicals along with a superior moisturizing ability.

Dermablend Quick Fix Concealer SPF 30 in Bronze

Switching your heavy winter foundation for a more summerlike CC cream makes sense when you are looking to lighten your load. Peter Thomas Roth Skin to Die for Mineral Matte Skin Perfecting CC Cream Light is the ideal summer skin care cream. Made solely with minerals and chemical-free, this SPF 30 formulation contains hyaluronic acid and a powerful form of Vitamin C called THD ascorbate. Such ingredients enable the cream to work dual duty, helping even out your tone while actually improving the health of your skin.

Peter Thomas Roth Skin to Die for is a lightweight skin care product for summer

When you need to blot some of that summer oil, reach for the super-duper, super fine BECCA Hydra-Mist Set and Refresh Powder. This sets your makeup to help it go for hour upon hour, swallowing up the appearance of fine lines and blemishes without making you feel like you are wearing a heavy powder. Best of all, it looks invisible.

BECCA Hydra-Mist Set and Refresh Powder

Let LaLa Daisy Help You

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And when you need advice, check out our blog. We give our readers answers to the beauty questions they have been wondering about, as well as suggestions for the latest hair and cosmetics trends. You can also find out more about the effects of sunburn and your skin at the Skin Cancer Foundation.