How to Remove Halloween Makeup the Right Way

How to Remove Halloween Makeup the Right Way

No spectacular Halloween look is complete without a stunning makeup design. After a night of tricks, treats, and on-trend style, it’s important to take the time to give your skin the extra care and attention it needs for a full and proper recovery. If you’re wondering how to remove Halloween makeup, follow these tips for the best results.

Why Your Technique Matters

Cleansing your skin on a daily basis is necessary to remove dirt, oil, and debris while also preventing signs of aging and breakouts. When applying costume makeup, accessories, or layers of deep color, it can be even more difficult to remove every trace without being harsh on your sensitive skin. Following the right steps can help protect your complexion while ensuring a more thorough clean. Otherwise, you could be dealing with redness, swelling, dry patches, and acne in the days to come.

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Remove Paints and Thick Layers First

If you’ve used more than traditional makeup to complete your Halloween look, start by removing those thick layers with a cleansing wipe. For those searching for how to remove Halloween makeup, Obagi SUZANOBAGIMD On the Go Cleansing and Makeup Removing Wipes are a great option with a textured design to help you handle heavier products. Wipe gently, avoiding your eye area to reduce irritation.

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Add a Pre-Cleansing Treatment

Traditional cleansers may take multiple uses when washing off costume makeup. Start with a pre-cleansing treatment to help those sticky, stubborn products and paints melt away first. Whether you choose an oil, like Glo Skin Beauty Essential Cleansing Oil, or the ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm, both options can help tough residue slide right off without the need for repeat washes.

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Take Extra Care Around Your Eye Area

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Many makeup removers aren’t gentle enough for the delicate skin around your eyes. To protect this area while still removing your heartiest waterproof products, try Dermalogica Soothin Eye-Makeup Remover. The special formula removes residue with nourishing your skin and lashes, all without leaving a greasy feel, making it the perfect double-duty eye product. It’s also a great option for removing long-wear lip color.

Cleanse and Exfoliate Thoroughly

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With all of the prep work done, it’s time for a deep cleanse. Be sure to massage your cleanser into wet skin, using small circular motions. A facial cleansing brush like the FOREO LUNA Mini 2 Pink Pearl can help turn any cleanser into an exfoliant, working the product deep into your pores to remove dirt, grime and oil. Rinse with lukewarm water, pat dry and enjoy the fresh feel of clean skin.

Finish With a Hydrating Moisturizer

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When your skin is thoroughly clean, be sure to use a quality moisturizing regimen to replenish and re-hydrate. Peter Thomas Roth Green Relief Calming Face Oil can help reduce redness and irritation while prepping your skin for improved nutrient absorption. When you’re learning how to remove Halloween makeup, serums and oils are a must, along with daily moisturizers and creams.

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Follow Up With a Restorative Treatment

A long night out can be tough on your skin, especially when wearing layers of specialty makeup. Be sure to give your face and neck some extra TLC in the days that follow. Try IMAGE I Mask Hydrating Hydrogel Sheet Mask to soothe your skin, combat dryness, and restore a plump, smooth look.

Turn to LaLa Daisy for Your Makeup Removal Needs

La La Daisy is here to help you learn how to remove Halloween makeup the right way. From costume parties and special occasions to everyday wear, we have the items you need to keep your skin cleansed and hydrated after your most detailed makeup designs. Shop our entire collection of cleansing products for a deeper, nourishing clean. LaLa Daisy is passionate about skincare and we’re here to help give your skin everything it needs to stay healthy and beautiful during every festive season. Read this article from WebMD if you need even more makeup removal tips.