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AG Hair

AG Hair (the Advanced Group) lives up to its name, providing nothing but the most advanced hair care designed custom tailored your unique type of hair.

Whether you’re rocking curls, stick-straight locks, or colored hair, you’ll find exactly what you need to tame your tantalizing mane with AG Shampoos, AG Conditioners, and more!

The Company is devoted to providing products that work, by using natural ingredients that deliver results. They leave out harmful ingredients such as salt, paba, parabens and DEA that can be harmful and damaging to hair. With 27 years of experience the Brand is devoted to continuously developing new solutions to meet and nourish every hair type. This brand is inspired to bring simplicity and confidence to every customer by delivering all natural ingredients that work!

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AG Hair Brand

AG Hair products are made from top-shelf ingredients, including organic fair trade argan oil, lavender, pine leaf, carnation, sunflower, marigold, carnation, tomato fruit extract, and keratin. What their products are not made with? Parabens, gluten, or salt — and, of course, they would never test on animals. We believe in bringing you the best at Lala Daisy, and AG Hair meets our high standards for hair care needs.

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AG Hair Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best hair moisturizing conditioner?

AG Hair Fast Food Conditioner is the best hair moisturizing conditioner. This fast food conditioner is healthy for hair and reduces frizz and thick coarse hair in an instant. This conditioner works magic to mend split ends and helps nourish dry and life-less hair. This conditioner is infused with aloe to help protect hair follicles against color and heat elements.

Which flat iron spray is the best heat protectant?

AG Hair Firewall is the best hair moisturizing flat iron spray. This heat protectant provides a protective barrier against heat and other elements. This product works by absorbing heat to prevent breakage while leaving hair silky smooth. This glossy spray leaves hair looking styled and sleek.

What is the best professional hair styling product for keeping hair in its place?

One of the best professional hair styling products for keeping hair in its place, is AG Hair Welding Paste. You can make more difficult styles stay with ease. If you need additional texture to your hair, tresses molded into shape, extreme hold will be delivered with this paste. The best news is it’s also nourishing to strands, leaving them healthier than before. Omega-9 fatty acid-packed castor oil, hydrolyzed keratin and silk amino acids moisturize and leave hair in a shiny and strong state. Panthenol also acts as a thickener for the hair shaft. Welding Paste is alcohol-free so it won't dry out your strands.

Which dry shampoo is the best for revitalizing hair?

AG Hair Dry Shampoo is the best hair moisturizing dry shampoo that revitalizes hair by giving it that freshly washed shine. This shampoo is designed especially for brunette hair. This dry shampoo absorbs excess oils and can also be used on roots in between hair color treatments.

What is the best hair moisturizing product that will keep hair straight without weighing it down?

AG Hair Set it Straight is the best hair moisturizing product that enhances the sleek straight look of hair. This product is made to keep hair straight for longer, without being weighed down from heavy oils. This set it straight spray adds a layer of shine and hydration to hair and also can be used as a heat protector when using a straightener.