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CHI Hair Products

Since 1986, CHI Hair Products has been the gold standard for heated styling tools as well as for its salon-quality hair care products. That stellar reputation is thanks to the company’s founder, Farouk Shami, a former hairdresser who incorporates the latest technology and research to create tools and formulate products with stylists in mind. CHI Hair Products has expanded from salon to home use to give you professional results every day.


What makes CHI hair dryers the best on the market?

CHI hair dryers put control in your hands with lightweight, comfortable designs and lots of settings to dry your hair the way you want while reducing frizz and static. For example, the CHI Rocket Dryer uses ionic technology to protect hair while quickly drying for smoother hair. You can dry and style your hair in a fraction of the time!

Does CHI have any products to protect your hair from heat styling?

It makes sense that CHI has a range of heat protection styling products to go along with its dryers as well as its curling and flat irons. LaLa Daisy customers love CHI Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray because it locks in moisture to prevent dry, brittle hair that is the telltale sign of too much heat styling. Plus, it has a lightweight formula that adds shine without leaving residue or buildup with daily use.

CHI uses silk infusion in several of its products. Can you explain the benefits?

CHI has several leave-in treatments and even a shampoo and conditioner with its special blend of silk, soy, and wheat proteins to penetrate the damaged hair cuticles and deliver strengthening and nutrients at the core. Your hair can feel softer and look shinier, plus it may be more manageable. LaLa Daisy recommends CHI Silk Infusion Reconstructing Complex to protect your hair from environmental and heat styling damage.

Do you recommend CHI Dry Shampoo for days when I do not have time to wash and condition?

Absolutely! We love how easy the CHI Dry Shampoo is to use for those in-between days when your style just needs a little freshening up. The water-free formula does not leave a chalky residue, and by focusing on your roots, it can absorb extra oil while adding a boost of volume and a wonderful scent. Dry shampoo is a great tool to have instead of resorting to sporting a ponytail until the next shampoo.

What CHI products work best for my color-treated hair?

CHI is all about protecting every type of hair, even when you have had all-over color or highlights. Why not try the CHI Color Vibrance Kit , which contains the Silk Infusion leave-in treatment and Keratin Mist. Both products can be used before you style to help your color stay true and vibrant while strengthening strands and promoting shine and manageability. This kit is like a one-two punch to fight damage that shortens the life of your color treatment.

Why should I choose CHI styling tools and products?

Doesn’t your hair deserve the best? LaLa Daisy is proud to carry many of CHI’s most beloved products as well as CHI blow dryers and CHI flat irons to make your style stunning while preventing dryness and damage. From shampoo and conditioner to a full array of hair sprays, gels, and mists, we have both old favorites and new formulas to ensure your hair is your crowning glory.