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Dermalogica Products

Dermalogica’s unique line of skin care products has something for everyone, from the building blocks of a well-rounded daily routine to age defying formulas, acne-fighting cleansers, and more. Nothing beats that kind of nuanced selection when you are building a skin care routine that needs to pivot to meet the evolving needs of your skin over time. Shop Dermalogica products at LaLa Daisy and enjoy our everyday low prices!

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Dermalogica Products - Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to see results when you switch skin care?

Every person is different and so is every brand, but customer reviews of Dermalogica products show us that most people notice a change to the way skin feels right away. Visible changes other people might notice? That's something that really varies with a number of factors, including skin type and long-term health conditions.

Are Dermalogica products gluten-free?

While there is no certifying process for designating topical skin care products as gluten-free, Dermalogica does test every product in its line to have an independent lab certify it is gluten free in its final formulation. This helps customers with extreme sensitivities rest assured their safety is taken as seriously as possible.

Does this product line have vegan options?

Almost all of Dermalogica's formulas are certified vegan by PETA. There are a few exceptions that vegan customers will need to be aware of in stock in our store, however. The Active Moist and Antioxidant Hydramist formulas do contain compounds derived from animal products, but of all the products in this line on our site at this time, only these two lack certification.

What products do I need to establish a daily skincare routine?

Skin care is all about making a routine out of four basic steps, with a healthy Dermalogica product for each step that supports your skin's hydration, moisture levels, and nutritional needs. You can do your routine once a day to establish a habit, but advanced skin care routines usually branch out to morning and night routines with slightly different product lineups. Beginners should work on the basics, though, and that means:

  1. Use a cleanser that supports your skin type to clear excess oil and dirt from your skin before adding moisturizer or other products. If you're having issues with acne, a breakout controlling cleanser is a good idea. Otherwise, a good general cleanser that is formulated to be gentle on the skin is enough. Adding a toner at this stage is optional, but it can really help if you're rehabilitating damaged skin.
  2. Add an eye cream that is formulated to get you results. Daytime retinol formulas are a good choice. This is where many morning/night routines diverge, because vitamin C is also great for tightening and nourishing skin around the eyes. Many people opt for a vitamin C formula in the morning and retinol at night. Some also seek a combination product with additional vitamin support for the maximum nutrient boost possible.
  3. Apply SPF protection that suits your level of activity. SPF 15 or 20 is recommended even when you're indoors, because UV light does come in through windows and open doors, leading to low level exposure. If you're outdoors a lot, a SPF 50 boost is a good idea to support your skin's best health because most signs of premature aging are linked to UV damage.
  4. End it all with a moisturizer that supports your skin's natural balance of oils, and adjust it so it's properly weighted for the season. You may also want to add a hydrating serum for balance if you experience skin dehydration frequently.