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Elemis Products

With a history spanning more than three decades, Elemis products are among the industry’s most established and reputable skincare brands. An international leader in both product and management practice, their product lines rotate often as new discoveries lead the company into more and more advanced formulations. Find out for yourself by sampling the Hydro-Boost Day Cream for well-rounded daily moisture, normal to dry skin types.

Elemis Products - Frequently Asked Questions

My favorite product is marked as out of stock, what happened?

Elemis has been providing scientifically formulated, state of the art support for skin health for more than a generation. As a result, the brand has its followers, leading to frequent high demand periods. If your favorite item is out of stock, be sure to enter your email on the product page to be notified as soon as the product comes back in stock so you don’t miss out.

What is the difference between day cream and night cream?

Elemis understands that your body has a wide range of nutritional needs based on the processes that replenish your cells, and those processes happen at different times along your circadian rhythm. As a result, some topical nutrition is best timed to the part of the day when your body is most ready to use it.

The company's energizing day cream provides nutritional support that protects you from sun damage naturally, provides a healthy glow, and supports balanced moisture throughout all your daily activities. Biotech Energizing Night Cream includes amino acids and other nutrients that boost the function of skin enzymes that promote healthy, balanced skin, so you wake up refreshed and ready for a new day.

Why is it important to match my moisturizer to my skin type?

Premium skin moisturizers that are clinically formulated to work with your skin's proven nutritional needs and natural oils like Elemis Hyda-Boost Day Cream Normal to Dry Skin include hydration support alongside moisture support. While many people mistake these for the same thing, they are distinct aspects of your skin and need distinctly different types of nutritional support.

Basic moisturizers provide balanced support to replenish your skin's oils without leaving oily deposits on the surface or a greasy feel. Hydrating moisturizers also replenish your skin's water content and support healthy hydration with nutrients that help prevent excess moisture and hydration loss.

Both aspects of skin health are essential, but the balance you need between the two characteristics of your daily cream varies by skin type. If you have oily skin and use a moisturizer for dry to normal skin, it may feel greasy and heavy because it provides extra support where you don't need it. By contrast, if you have dry skin and you use a formula for oily skin types, you may not get the rounded protection and nutrient support you count on.

What is an active base? Why is it important?

Active ingredients are the potent ingredients in Elemis products that provide the enzymes, vitamins, or direct moisture and hydration support in your skin care. Typically, they are just one type of ingredient alongside natural flavor and scent compounds from the plant extracts used and ingredients that hold the formulation together stably.

An active base ingredient is when the base ingredients that carry the active extracts also serves as an active ingredient. Why that's important? Think about it. If your base is also an active ingredient, the product is more potent because even the ingredients that control its consistency and texture provide direct skin care support.