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EVO Professional Hair Products

EVO started as a niche hair care company in Australia, and its modern approach, playful attitude, and company culture catapulted the line to international fandom. What EVO does best is no-nonsense hair care that is good for you and the planet. The company’s focus on clean, simple, and effective shampoos, conditioners, styling products, hairbrushes, and special treatments is what makes it a favorite at LaLa Daisy.


Where is a good place to start if I am new to EVO hair care?

EVO Normal Persons Daily Shampoo & Conditioner Combo Pack is an awesome daily hair care routine. The low-foam shampoo removes dirt and excess oil for cleaner hair without harsh chemical agents, while the conditioner hydrates hair without weighing it down. This dynamic duo is perfect for normal-to-oily hair, but EVO also has shampoos and conditioners for volume, smoothing, and other hair care needs with funny names, such as The Therapist or Bride of Gluttony.

Tell me more about EVO conditioning products.

In addition to regular rinse-off conditioners, EVO also has several deep conditioning treatments that LaLa Daisy recommends. Try EVO Happy Campers Leave-In Conditioner for a lightweight moisturizer that improves manageability. Another one to try is Mane Attention Protein Treatment, which can repair dry, brittle strands, leaving your hair silky soft, smooth, and shiny. Look through the products on LaLa Daisy to find the ones that can work well for your hair.

Are EVO products safe for my color-treated hair?

EVO products do not contain sulfates, which can strip color or make it fade. It also has its Fabuloso line of intense conditioners that boost your blonde, brunette, or red hair color to keep it vibrant until your next touch-up. Just pick the product that best matches your hair color, and you are good to go.

Does EVO make dry shampoo for when I do not have time for the full routine?

You bet! EVO Water Killer Dry Shampoo gives you more bang for your buck because it also works as a texturizing spray. Plus, its lightweight formula means your hair can look refreshed without a cakey residue or build up. Use it on the go for a boost of volume without oily roots. EVO also has a brunette version to cover up gray roots, so it is more of a three-in-one product that saves you time and money without sacrificing your gorgeous hair.

What EVO styling products does LaLa Daisy recommend?

Evo makes the full gamut of styling products from waxes and pastes to foams and sprays, each with a hairstyle goal in mind. The one we cannot live without is EVO Icon Welder Heat Protection Spray. It prepares your hair for blow drying, flat ironing, or curling to prevent damage from heat styling, but it also has UV protection to block the sun’s rays from fading and drying out your locks. Plus, it leaves your hair soft and shiny while adding a touch of volume and just the right amount of hold.

Why should I choose EVO?

Evo is a brand with integrity. It is simple, honest, straightforward hair care that you can trust to work without causing harm to your hair or the environment. Evo’s products vegan and cruelty-free, and they do not contain gluten, sulfates, or parabens. LaLa Daisy has an incredible selection of EVO products to choose from, and you are going to love our prices!