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Kerastase Hair Products

Kerastase is a Parisian brand that makes specialized hair care products for all hair types and conditions. Select the best formula for your hair condition or texture. You can also choose from color-safe or shade-specific treatments to extend the brilliance and vibrancy of your chosen hair color. Choose from a large selection of Kerastase shampoo, conditioner, hair care and styling products to target and effectively treat any hair concern.

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Kerastase Hair Products Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kerastase make products for my hair type?

Kerastase makes specialized formulas for most hair conditions and types. Tame frizz with the Discipline product line, grow healthy hair longer with Resistance products, or nourish dry hair with Nutritive Bain Magistral Shampoo, conditioner and hair treatments. Kerastase also specializes in color-safe products for specific shades, such as Kerastase Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet Shampoo 34 oz.

What are the most popular Kerastase treatments?

Kerastase color-safe formulas in the Bain Chromatique line and color-specific treatments such as Blond Absolu are among the brand’s best selling products. Look for products formulated for your hair concerns to choose the most effective formulas. Many hair care experts rave about the gentle cleaning capabilities of Kerastase sulfate-free shampoos for hair that is colored, processed, or prone to frizz.

How can I care for my hair using Kerastase products?

Select the Kerastase shampoo best suited for your hair condition, texture, or type. Cleanse your hair about twice a week to balance oil production levels. Follow with Kerastase conditioner, care, and styling products for your hair. You may find it helpful to use multiple formulas from the same product line or add in effective treatments for most hair types, such as Kerastase L’huile Original Beautifying Hair Oil 3.4 oz.

Which Kerastase styling products should I use?

Kerastase makes styling products that have specialized effects on hair. Depending on the texture or color of hair, you may prefer to use Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique 5.1 oz. before blow-drying or heat styling or protect blonde tresses from damage with Kerastase Blond Absolu Cicaplasme Hair Heat-Protecting Serum 5.1. oz. Select the best product by factoring in the characteristics of your natural hair and the desired effect.

Are Kerastase formulas safe for color-treated hair?

Many Kerastase products are color-safe. Some product lines such as Kerastase Reflection Bain Chromatique are formulated particularly for hair that has been processed with color, including hair with highlights. Other product lines are formulated for particular hair colors, such as the Blond Absolu line of hair care and styling products with color-correcting violet tones.

Does Kerastase make sulfate-free formulas?

Several Kerastase shampoos are sulfate-free. The shampoo formulas in the Bain Chromatique color care line and Discipline Bain Fluidealiste for unruly or over-processed hair are both sulfate-free. Check to see whether any other Kerastase shampoo or hair care product contains sodium lauryl sulfate or any other sulfates. Products that contain sulfates may have a drying effect on damaged or sensitive strands and strip away color.

Where is Kerastase based?

Kerastase is based in Paris, France. Product development is supported by L’Oreal Advanced Research scientists. As a result, Kerastase makes some of the most effective and innovative hair care products. This brand has built long-standing relationships with stylists around the world, whom it gives a more involved role in promoting hair health for customers. Kerastase salons also provide hair diagnostic services.

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