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Peter Coppola

If you are looking to strengthen or repair your hair, Peter Coppola hair care products provide you with options that make use of the benefits of keratin to strengthen and support your hair. There are options designed around the needs of color treated hair. Smooth hair with superior shine starts with a superior hair care routine.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Peter Coppola

What is keratin? How does it help my hair?

Keratin is a natural protein that's already found in your hair and fingernails, in addition to many Peter Coppola products. It's depleted by a wide range of environmental causes, including exposure to pollution, extreme heat, or chemical treatments like hair coloring.

Keratin acts as a protective barrier around your hair's shaft, helping it retain bounce and shine. It also helps with healthy moisture and hydration levels. Depleted keratin leads to fragile, brittle hair that dries easily, but smoothing treatments replenish the hair's natural keratin to help strengthen it.

Many products help restore your hair's natural hydration and moisture levels with extra nutrients to keep it healthy. Those products help promote the healthiest hair possible, but they do not replenish natural keratin levels. For that, you need a combination of proper nutrition and professional smoothing treatments that provide you hair with the keratin it needs to look and feel its best.

Does keratin help color treatments last longer?

On its own, keratin found in products like Peter Coppola Legacy Total Repair Smoothing Conditioner does not preserve the color treatment or lock it in chemically. It does, however, support healthy hair. As a result, using a keratin smoothing treatment to compensate for damage done by harsh coloring processes could help color last longer simply by making your hair healthier.

If you are looking for a formulation specifically designed to support your best and brightest color schemes so you can get creative, try the Color Command or Color Control line. Both provide the nourishing keratin support your hair needs to bounce back after coloring, as well as other active ingredients that help you keep your hair vibrant, colorful, and clean for as long as possible.

What is Azulene? How does it help balance blonde hair?

Azulene is a compound used in cosmetics that are designed to balance brightly colored hair, and it appears in products like Peter Coppola's color-safe shampoos and conditioners. It is often used in formulas designed to support shine and remove brassiness in both natural and color-treated blonde hair. You will find it in some toners and hair masque treatments that address brassiness as well as many shampoo and conditioner formulas built for the purpose.

The product I'm looking for is out of stock, when will it be back?

Peter Coppola products are both popular and periodically reformulated. As a result, sometimes products rotate out until they are replaced with an updated formula or restocked by the company, but our commitment to bringing you the best selection possible means that our team is working to bring it back or to locate its successor product. Keep checking back for updated store listings.

Does Peter Coppola make products for curly hair?

Nurturing and repairing damaged hair is the main focus of most of the Peter Coppola line. Curly hair types can definitely benefit from keratin conditioners and smoothing treatments when they are used as part of a balanced product rotation, but these products are not specifically formulated with curly hair in mind.

Balanced keratin levels do help protect your hair from environmental changes, including the heat and humidity changes that affect curly hair the most. Often, that means more than a curl-specific formula.