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Style Edit Root Concealer Products

Style Edit specializes in solutions for touching up natural or gray roots between color treatments. Keep your chosen shade looking vibrant from roots to ends for days or weeks leading up to your next home hair color session or salon visit. Get a great deal on Style Edit Root Concealer Touch Up Spray, Root Touch Up Powder, Instant Root Cover Up Sticks and Fill FX Instant Hair Building Fibers Spray in one or two-packs. These formulas provide buildable root coverage and blend new growth with the length of color-treated strands in seconds. These innovative hair fixes are formulated for every shade, from black and brown to red and blonde. Pick your preferred root concealer formula in the shade that is closest to your chosen hair color.

How do I use Style Edit products?

Style Edit makes several types of root concealers that are easy to use. Cover new growth with a touch-up spray or powder every day for days or weeks or use a Style Edit Instant Root Cover Up Stick 0.11 oz for more precise coverage. Spray formulas should be applied similarly to dry shampoo or hairspray. The base of each canister of Style Edit Root Touch Up Powder 0.13 oz features a hidden applicator.

Why are Style Edit products recommended by stylists?

Hair stylists recommend Style Edit because it extends the duration of time between color treatments, allowing for more new growth. This is particularly helpful for dark hair that requires double-processing, or bleaching or lightening followed by the application of color, which can be even more damaging if sufficient growth does not take place between treatments. Stylists also love that every Style Edit formula is temporary and washes out with shampoo.

How much Style Edit root concealer should I apply?

Style Edit spray, powder and stick root concealers provide buildable coverage. A single swipe of powder or a few seconds of spray application should be sufficient to blend most new growth or grays with color-treated lengths. The amount of product you end up using will be determined by how much hair has grown since your last color treatment.

Does every Style Edit powder have a built-in applicator?

Every shade of Style Edit Root Touch-Up Powder is packaged in a small canister with a built-in applicator and mirror. This package design allows for easy application of this ultra-light binding powder on the go and quick touch ups anywhere at any time. Choose from four shades of Root Touch-Up Powder or a range of three specialized shades of light, medium and dark of Blonde Perfection or Style Edit Drop Red Gorgeous Touch Up Powder 0.13 oz.

Which Style Edit formula is best for fine or thin hair?

Style Edit Fill FX Instant Hair Building Fibers Spray 0.46 oz can create the appearance of a more full hairline. This formula features a keratin-based fiber binding complex that conceals visible signs of hair loss in seconds and lasts all day. Choose from black, dark brown, medium brown and light brown shades. Using Root Touch Up Powder can also be a good solution for masking the appearance of thin hair near the scalp line.

Which Style Edit formula is best for coarse hair?

Concealer Touch Up Spray or Powder may be preferable for coarse or thick hair. Both of these products allow for buildable coverage, work within seconds and last all day. Spray Style Edit Root Concealer Touch Up Spray 2 oz on roots. You may find it helpful to divide hair into sections to ensure that natural roots or gray hair does not show through along a part.

Can Style Edit products be used on the go?

Every Style Edit product is designed for convenient use on the go. The most portable design are the Root Touch Up Powder canisters with a built-in mirror and hidden applicator. Remove the base of the powder container to reveal the sponge applicator and lift the top lid to pick up and apply powder. You can use a spray formula or cover up stick anywhere you have access to a mirror.