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Surface hair care specializes in providing its customers with paraben free, gluten free and 100% vegan products. The brand uses all natural botanical oils to create hair products that nourish and enhance the vivacity in hair. With the Surface AWAKEN Trio System, you can treat yourself and be mindful. With ingredients ranging from cayenne pepper to peppermint oil, you can ensure that your scalp will be instantly awakened, resulting in an all-around increase in circulation. In addition, cleansers from coconut and palm oil, specifically the babassu palm, will dig deep into your scalp to provide unbeatable restoration. And it doesn’t stop there. An Anti-Aging: Essential Micro Mineral complex consisting of iron, copper, silica, magnesium, and zinc encourage your skin cells to renew, in turn supporting a strong scalp and hair that thrives.

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Surface Hair Products

Surface Awaken Shampoo and Conditioner is the best shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair. This product is specially formulated to enhance thin and damaged hair by rejuvenating hair with all natural botanicals and vitamins that hair craves. This all natural product helps reduce dandruff and heal psoriasis.  Surface Awaken Therapeutic Treatment for Thinning Hair is the best hair moisturizer that detangles and leaves hair feeling fuller and volumized by fueling hair growth. This product is specially designed to re-vamp hairs volume by nourishing hair at the cuticle with botanical oils. This leave-in treatment is also a color protectant as it moisturizes hair to prevent breakage.

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