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The Art of Shaving developed a complete luxury shaving routine to give you the perfect shaving experience. You’ll enjoy a close yet comfortable shave and your skin will never look healthier. Essential oils and the finest botanical ingredients provide the basis for these incredible products. Your face will never feel better. The finest straight and safety razors are sure to take your shaving experience to the next level!

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The Art of Shaving’s mission is to revolutionize male grooming, and that began with a single shop in New York. They put their passion into crafting high quality products with botanical ingredients and essential oils, and create solutions to shaving problems men experience every day. They came up with a complete shaving ritual, and have formulated each element of providing a comfortable, close shave, while at the same time promoting healthy looking skin.


Art of Shaving Hair Shampoo Rosemary

The of The Art of Shaving’s best hair care products is their Hair Shampoo, Rosemary. Natural essential oils are utilized in this refreshing shampoo to remove impurities and moisturize the scalp, leaving hair healthy, shiny and voluminous. This pure essential oil blend of energizing scents includes peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary to refresh and stimulate the scalp. To smooth the hair, olive oil is combined with a splash of Jojoba seed oil, and hair is left looking shiny and bright. Surfactants, which are gentle cleansing agents, work to prevent the shampoo from stripping your natural oils as well. Use daily by massaging into the scalp and hair, and after rinsing use The Art of Shaving Hair Conditioner, Rosemary to get the full effect.

Art of Shaving 4 Piece Starter Kit with Bag, Sandalwood

Another best selling product from The Art of Shaving is their 4 Piece Starter Kit with Bag, Sandalwood. It’s an earthy-scented collection of products that have been put together with you in mind, providing you with a beginning-to-end ultimate shaving experience. Pre-shave oil is what the kit begins with, and it helps to soften your beard and make it more manageable during the shaving process. It also helps to prevent skin irritation. After the pre-shave oil is the shaving cream that ensures all hair is left behind, without any cuts or nicks. Smooth, even coverage is achieved from the Trial Size Badger Shaving Brush so you don’t miss any patches of hair. Lastly, the after-shave balm works to soothe skin, preventing the appearance of any ingrown hairs. These products are expertly designed and the sandalwood scent is a perfect finishing touch.

Art of Shaving After-Shave Balm, Unscented

The Art of Shaving’s After-Shave Balm, Unscented, is a soothing and smooth creamy balm, designed to complete your shave with luxury, while protecting you from raw skin and ingrown hairs. The final step in beard shaving, this product helps to keep the most sensitive parts of your skin moisturized and comfortable. This unscented formula combines the nourishing powers of shea butter, Jojoba oil, Irish moss, grape seed extract and Gotu Kola extract to give your skin that soft finish you desire. It contains no synthetic dyes, alcohol or scents, so you feel clean without being dry or patchy. It also provides up to 8 continuous hours of moisture and aids in restoring skin’s elasticity over time.