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BB Cream – The Summertime Cover Up Solution

The Summertime Cover Up Solution

When it’s hot you’ve got to lighten up; that goes for skin care too. Here are our favorite lightweight skin care and summer-friendly BB cream makeup products. BB Cream and Why Your Need It This Summer Many people are confused when they first hear about BB cream. Is it a foundation? Is it a cover-up? [Read More…]

Summer Makeup – Get The Perfect Summer Hues

Summer Makeup – Get The Perfect Summer Hues

Keeping your summer colors in the neutral, rose, or peach hues is the trick to keeping your summer makeup looking its best even when there are inclement or super-hot weather conditions. Here are our suggestions for some of the most-adored products. Summer Makeup For Your Pretty Pout Summer makeup choices start with your lips. Even [Read More…]

Minimizing Pores for a Flawless Complexion

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Perfect skin is hard to achieve, but most people are happy to settle for skin that is even, blemish-free and with barely visible pores. Even that can be a challenge, and pores seem to expand as you age or when your skin is oily. Understanding your pores and your skin type is the first step [Read More…]

How to Choose Blush – Blush 101

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Blush seals the deal but not all blush is created equal. You have to consider the formula, your complexion, and your features. When considering how to choose blush that’s perfect for you we want to give you the key things to consider when choosing the color perfect for your complexion and skin type. Hone in [Read More…]

Making Your Own BB Cream

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You don’t have to purchase an expensive BB cream. By mixing your foundation and your favorite moisturizer you will have created your very own BB cream. Don’t forget to tone, protect and finish. Here’s how to make your own BB cream. Why We Love BB Creams BB creams are great. They moisturize and hydrate while [Read More…]

Makeup Tips on How To Cover Up Face Psoriasis

How To Cover Up Face Psoriasis image

Facial psoriasis is a skin condition that causes one or multiple patches of thick, red and dry skin on the face. The condition is chronic, which means that it is an ongoing, long-term condition that may be covered up if you use makeup for psoriasis skin. Facial psoriasis can involve the skin anywhere on the [Read More…]