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What Causes Dry Skin and What to do About It

What Causes Dry Skin

What Is Dry Skin? From time to time, most of us experience dull, flakey, irritated skin. You know, the kind that causes scaly, itchy, rash-like patches to appear on your face or your body. We ask ourselves, “What causes dry skin? How can I fix it?” Here are some insights into dry skin care and [Read More…]

Three Tips on How To Heal Dry Skin

How To Heal Dry Skin

Today we’ve got three tips on how to heal dry skin, that everyone should know. Almost everyone deals with the occasional dryness in skin. From changes in temperature to the increased stress levels, even those with normal skin can experience some dryness. Those who experience skin that is regularly depleted of moisture need a targeted [Read More…]