What is Normal Skin?

Care of Normal Skin

Trends in fashion and personal style come and go. Today’s trendy hairstyles and fashion choices are tomorrow’s old news and pop culture will move on quickly to the next great thing.

When it comes to your face, beautiful, healthy, NORMAL skin never goes out of style. But, what is normal skin? Skin that is clean, clear and stress-free will always be the standard, whether you’re going with a fresh face or a full makeup beat. Your face is a major part of how you present yourself to others. When you have normal skin, your face looks its best, radiating excellence, magnificence, and confidence!

What Are The Qualities of Normal Skin?

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What is normal skin? What defines it and how do I know if I have it?

Simply, “normal” is the term used for skin that is neither too dry or too oily, meaning that it’s well-balanced. Even if the forehead, chin and nose, collectively known as the T-zone is a tad oily, normal skin is generally balanced overall.

Other qualities of normal skin include:

  • Soft, smooth texture
  • Even or uniform complexion
  • Small pores
  • No dry or flaky patches
  • Free of blemishes and breakouts
  • Healthy blood circulation
  • Not sensitive to most skin care products

Skin that is normal stands in contrast to skin that is oily, dry, combination or sensitive. Skin type tends to be influenced largely by genetics, though diet, environment, activities and stress may affect your skin’s condition.

While excess sebum production or lack of moisture aren’t typically problems for people with normal skin, it’s essential to have a complete skin care routine to maintain skin’s balance.

What are the Elements of a Normal Skin Care Regimen?

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While a person with balanced skin may not have to work as hard as someone with oily or dry skin, lack of care can lead to issues that prevent your face from looking its best. Consider the main elements of a normal skin care routine:

  • Cleansing: Remove dirt, oil and other impurities with a product that is effective without stripping your face of its natural moisture. This should be done twice on a daily basis and after activities such as workouts or makeup removal.
  • Toning: Clean trace impurities after cleansing to help refine pores and keep acne away. Stay away from products that are overdrying.
  • Moisturizing: Replenish moisture to skin after cleansing and toning with a hydrating product. This helps avoid dryness and overproduction of oil. Moisturize after every wash. Use night creams for skin repair and intense hydration overnight as you sleep.
  • Protecting from the Sun: Apply sunscreen to skin that is exposed to sunlight and harmful UV rays that can cause premature aging and skin care. Use moisturizers that contain broad spectrum protection. Choose a dedicated sunscreen product for extended periods in the sun and re-apply regularly.
  • Targeting specific issues: Boost your routine with a serum that offers benefits such as anti-aging, even complexion, refined pores and smoothness. The skin around your eyes tends to be delicate and should be cared for with specific products.
  • Exfoliating: Remove dead skin cells once or twice each week using an exfoliating product or a scrub after cleansing but before toning.

This may seem like a lot to keep up with, but LaLa Daisy’s Resource Center Guide for Normal Skin is available to provide guidance when it comes to keeping your face balanced and beautiful.

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Other Considerations

A comprehensive approach skin care also factors in other lifestyle elements:

  • Stress management
  • Healthy diet and exercise
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Adjust regimen for changes in environment
  • Avoid smoking

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and as with other parts of the body generally responds well to regular exercise and a balanced diet as well as proper care with effective, affordable products. Get the products as well as the information that you need at LaLa Daisy today!

Read this article from WebMD if you’d like more information on what normal skin is as well as information about other skin types.