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DevaCurl Hair Products

DevaCurl Hair Products makes the celebration of all kinds of curly hair their main mission, providing you with hair products in every niche and role that are designed with your hair type in mind. Whether it’s styling support that protects you from temperature and humidity shifts or nutritionally balanced conditioning for healthier, more lustrous hair or any other effect, it’s easy to build a complete curly hair care regimen around these products.

You’ll find great prices on the best DevaCurl products including the very popular DevaCurl No Poo and Loo Poo collections as well as top-selling DevaCurl Styling Cream.

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DevaCurl Hair Products- Frequently Asked Questions

What makes DevaCurl styling products uniquely good for curly hair?

It depends a lot on the product, but in general DevaCurl products work so well for curly hair because they acknowledge its core needs. That means they help control the effects humidity can have by keeping hair moisturized and forming a protective barrier against the effects of weather. Pomades and creams like DevaCurl Super Cream, available in a convenient 5.1 oz size, are ideal for this kind of protection. Moisturization control means hair responds less to changes in external humidity, which means confidence that you will have the same look all day.

How can I improve the my curls' shine?

Hair luster is a function of both nutrition and moisture, and there are a few ways to treat the issue. First is using a quality DevaCurl conditioner that supports your hair's needs by moisturizing it and providing the support needed to reduce tangles, frizz, and other style challenges. One Condition Decadence was built just for people with curly hair, providing a simple rinse-out solution that helps keep all these issues in check in the long term. Pair that conditioner strategy with a styling product like DevaCurl Set It Free finishing spray for daily protection against frizz that promotes healthy hair shine at the same time to get the best effects from both.

Are DevaCurl products tested for safety?

Not only are DevaCurl products tested extensively, the company releases more information about their product testing than most in the industry. The brand's website not only includes detailed information on breakage and hair loss testing for each individual entry in the line, but also important information about individual preservatives and human allergen testing information. This lets you see for yourself that each of your selections has been proven to be gentle, healthy, and safe for customers just like you.

In addition to the product testing disclosures, DevaCurl continues to demonstrate a commitment to ongoing quality improvement by using it's Curl Council for quality control and review of all the testing results. That means you can count on a dermatologist and other specialists signing off on the tests related to their expertise. Very few other hair care providers maintain the same level of transparency in their quality control processes.

How can I improve my hair's health and shine?

DevaCurl knows curly hair is especially susceptible to damage from high heat and chemical exposure, which is why it's very important to find a good stylist and develop and ongoing relationship in addition to the right balance of products that enrich your hair while providing moisture support. Stylist relationships are the key to getting feedback on your current hair health and recommendations for specific types of product that will support your needs if you do take those risks, too. Of course, the best way to support hair and scalp health is to avoid heat and harsh chemicals like those found in hair coloring treatments entirely.

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