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OPI is one of the most well-known brand names for quality nail care products. OPI professional nail polish comes in over 200 shades. That means you should have no trouble finding the exact shade you’re looking for. Here at LaLa Daisy, we have a large selection of OPI products that includes more than 300 different nail care products from the trusted brand. Happy shopping!

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OPI Rosy Future NLS79 .5 oz.

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OPI – Frequently Asked Questions

What OPI Products Can I Buy If I Want Multiple Colors in the Same Family?

Here at LaLa Daisy, we have many different OPI nail polish purchasing options. In addition to offering single polishes, we also sell multiple polishes in sets. For example, OPI Live Love Carnaval 0.5 oz. and OPI Big Apple Red 0.5 oz. Red Combo Set is a great choice for those who want to dry different shades in the red color family.

Is There an OPI Base Coat I Can Buy?

Applying an OPI base coat, such as OPI Natural Nail Base Coat 0.5 oz. and Natural Nail Strengthener 0.5 oz. Combo Pack can help protect your nails from damage. Applying nail polish to your nails can stress them out and weaken them, especially if you wear polish frequently. Fortunately, OPI’s base coat and nail strengthener products can help combat the effects of regular nail polish. Apply them before applying nail polish to enjoy their nourishing and strengthening benefits.

What Is the Difference Between OPI GelColor and Lacquer?

OPI GelColor is designed to be cured underneath LED light. There is no dry time. GelColor, such as OPI GelColor Taupeless Beach 0.5 oz., is sometimes preferred over lacquer because it is longer-lasting (up to three times longer). However, it is also more difficult to remove than lacquer. But for many people, the longer removal time is worth the longer wear time that GelColor provides. GelColor is much gentler on the nails than gel nail products you can receive in the salon.

What OPI Nail Product Can Smooth My Nail Ridges?

OPI Ridge Filler T40, 0.5 oz. is the perfect product for smoothing and filling in ridges on the nails. When you use this product underneath your nail polish, you end up with a smoother, more beautiful nail surface. It is light in color and designed to be worn underneath any OPI lacquer shade. This product not only helps smooth out the surface of the nail so polish glides on more evenly, but it is also slightly sticky and helps color to adhere to it without cracking or chipping.

What Is the Best OPI Top Coat?

OPI Top Coat T30 .5 oz. is a glossy topcoat that protects your nail color and prevents it from fading or chipping prematurely. But if you’re looking for a product that delivers optimum shine, try OPI Base Coat Prime & Gloss Top Coat Infinite Shine Duo Set. This set will deliver unprecedented shine so your manicure attracts the attention it deserves. The combination offers impressive color protection and shine that lasts up to 11 days!

I Want an OPI Polish That Stands Out. What Should I Buy?

There are many different OPI products that stand out. But some of the most unique, eye-catching colors include OPI Infinite Shine Hidden Prism Rainbows In Your Fuchsia, OPI Hidden Prism Ray-diance, and OPI Infinite Shine Do You Sea What I Sea? If you’re looking for a specific color, you can easily find it by typing the name into the search bar right here on our user-friendly website.