5 Incredible Makeup Hacks

5 Incredible Makeup Hacks

All professional makeup artists seem to have some tricks up their sleeves to use products in ways that work perfectly for the looks they are trying to achieve. They somehow always seem to make the perfect finishes and beautiful colors pop. We’ve taken note of the tips and tricks from a lot of famous makeup artists and are ready to share what we’ve learned. Did you know that there are some makeup tricks that you can use at home? Your beauty arsenal has more possibilities than you might think. Here is how to take some of your favorite makeup, and make it multi-use.

  1. Use Your Balm For More Than Hydration

Balms can be used for a thick, ultra-hydrating moisturizer on the skin, but they can also be the perfect agent for adding shine or cream to your makeup products. The consistency a balm offers can turn powder products into a cream product. Simply mix some of the balm with your powder blush and you have a cream blush. The same holds true to eye shadows and powder foundations.

Using a balm to turn your makeup into a creamy consistency is one of the greatest makeup hacks out there. If you prefer a cream but have the perfect color in a powder, simply mix it with your balm with a makeup brush and apply it to your face. If you need to blend out a color, a balm is perfect for this. You can apply the balm over a blush or an eyeshadow and blend it out with a brush to achieve a more subtle color.

Another way to use your balm is by applying it in areas of the face that you’d like to highlight. Tapping it on the cheeks after applying blush can give your blush a dewy glow.

Finding a great balm if you don’t already have one is important. Make sure you find one with a smooth consistency and something that’s fairly clear. We recommend PCA Skin Silkcoat Balm. This one has the perfect consistency for creating creamy finishes with your other products.

  1. Soften and Lighten Colors With Moisturizer

Everyone has moisturizer in their beauty bag, as it’s a necessary component of every beauty routine. This can be a powerful tool in creating some of your favorite looks while doing your makeup as well.

Using moisturizer to blend out color is a widely used trick among makeup professionals. You can take a foundation, concealer, blush, or eye shadow and create a lighter, more blendable color by adding moisturizer. The more moisturizer you add to the mix, the softer the color and finish will be for your product. For example, if you have a blush that you love but the color is ultra-pigmented and you need a little more of a subtle look, add the moisturizer before applying and then blend it out on your cheeks. The color will be much lighter than the original and will give a nice dewy finish.

Use a light-colored, blendable moisturizer that can mix well with your foundation to use this hack. A moisturizer like Philosophy’s Hope In A Jar is perfect. It’s thin and light so it’s perfect for mixing with your other makeup to achieve a lighter, more blendable color.

  1. Achieve Velvet Textures With Powder Blush

If you need a texture between matte and shine for your lipstick or blush, a powder blush can help give you a more velvet finish. It’s easier to maintain for an outing than a matte finish and can give your lips an interesting and nice texture. You can also use this trick for your warm colored eyeshadows. Use your finger to apply just a thin layer of blush on top of your lipstick or liquid eyeshadow. Pat it on lightly until you are happy with the texture of the finish.

The blush we would recommend for this trick is Bobbi Brown Blush in the color Nectar. This one is a great color for this hack because it’s a classic shade of coral pink so it can easily work with most warm colors and skin tones.

  1. Conceal With Red Lipstick

Are you wondering if you read that right?  Well if you read that you can use red lipstick as part of your concealer, you read it perfectly. One of the best, and probably most surprising, makeup tricks of the trade is to use a peach-colored concealer for covering those pesky bags under the eyes. A lot of people get the color of their concealer wrong because they turn toward a really light concealer to try and get rid of really dark coloring. The warmer colored concealer works because it neutralizes the dark colors instead of covering them with a light color and creating more of a “grey” look. When you apply a warm tint, it cancels the dark tones out, and in turn, covers them much more effectively. Next time you reach for your ultra light concealer to cover blemishes or dark circles under the eyes, think again. Remember, you need warm tones to cancel out dark tones.

So what does this have to do with red lipstick? Well, you can actually create a warm-toned concealer with a matte red-orange lipstick mixed with an everyday concealer. It might sound crazy, but this combo will neutralize the dark colors that give away your lack of sleep. The two together will create a perfect peach-colored concealer that will perfectly cover your problem areas. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself and be amazed.

A good example of a perfect matchup for this concoction would be using Youngblood Intimatte Mineral Matte Lipstick in the color Fever paired with Revision Skincare Teamine Concealer in the color Light. These two can work perfectly together to create a warm, color neutralizing concealer that will help rid your eyes of the dark bags.

  1. Use Your Brow Pencil For Much More Than Brows

A brow pencil can be extremely useful for so much more than brows when applying your makeup. One of the most popular ways to use a brow pencil among the professionals is to use it as a lip liner. If you have a color that you love, but don’t have a lip liner that matches, you can use a brow pencil to keep those lines intact when you apply your lipstick. The wax in the pencil will help prevent your color from fading and will hold it in place. Simply line your lips with the eye brow pencil and then apply the lipstick over the pencil and fill in the lips as you normally would. You’ll be surprised at the difference the pencil can make in helping the color to stay on your lips.

Another great hack for a brow pencil is to use it to help with contouring. There are a few different ways to do this. It can be especially helpful in the smaller areas like the sides of the nose when you are trying to create a full contoured look, but it can be used to chisel the cheeks just as well. A brow pencil is a perfect tool to help mark the areas to contour while you are mapping out the face. Use the pencil to plan the areas that you’d like contoured. When you like the way your contouring is mapped out, you can add your darker color and blend it all together with a brush. Don’t forget to use a lighter color to highlight the areas that aren’t contoured like under the eyes between the eyes.

A great example for a product to use in this hack is the Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Long-wear Brow Pencil. This pencil has a good consistency to be able to give your lips a long-lasting hold, and also will work well for contouring and defining your face.

Use Beauty Hacks Like A Professional

As you can see with the above beauty hacks and makeup tips, you can use these tricks just like the professionals to create the looks you are going for and to repurpose makeup you already have to work in completely new ways.

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