5 Products to Leave You Glowing

5 Products to Leave You Glowing

Highlighter is a quick fix to dull looking skin, but don’t you want the long-term glow? Here’s how to keep your skin glowing all year long.

Focus on Your Face

As the largest and most visible organ, your skin projects what is going on inside your body. When you are stressed or tired, it shows negatively on the outside of your skin. When you are well-rested and well-nourished, that shows on your skin too, but in a much more desirable way.

While it is okay to fake it from time to time, your goal should be to have your skin at its best at all times. And since your face is what people notice most, giving it some pampering and nurturing should be your permanent goal.

This isn’t as dauting as it sounds, though. Once you get into a regular skin care routine, how to get glowing skin becomes a second nature component of your everyday life.

Get Your Skin in Shape

Guaranteeing that your face is in its best shape possible is as simple as following several steps, so be sure each and every day to:

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliate
  • Moisturize

Be sure to use the gentle cleanser of your choice each night before bed and possibly in the morning as well. Rinse your face thoroughly and finish with a splash of cold water. Use pore strips if necessary to remove blackheads to keep your skin’s appearance as even as possible.

Exfoliating is a step that you cannot skip if you want glowing skin. When you exfoliate, you remove dead skin cells and reveal newer, younger ones. Plus, this clearing enables moisturizing creams, serums or lotions to penetrate more deeply and therefore better hydrate your skin.

A great way to exfoliate is using Elemis Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow. Infused with Tahitian monoi oil, frangipani flowers and hibiscus, this scrub feels and smells like you are on a tropical vacation from which you emerge with glowing skin.


Then, moisturize your face and body thoroughly. Use your fingertips to perform a facial massage for toning and to be sure that you are distributing hydration into each and every pore. Stroke gently in upward movements, which helps increase blood flow to the area and promote cell turnover.

When you get up to your eyes, change your technique to reflect the thinner skin in that area. Using your ring finger, tap from the inner corner of your eye down in a half-circle until you reach the outer corner, then above and across the brow bone.

Add a Little Something Extra

However, to really take your skin to the next level, you may wish to add the step of illuminating. An easy, great way to do this is with the Foreo Glow Addict Activated Mask. Suitable for all skin types, this microfiber skin mask works with the UFO or UFO Mini device to even out and brighten the appearance of your skin tone.


This treatment produces astonishing results in just 90 seconds by bringing luminosity to your skin with natural pearl extract and Vitamin E. By working to correct an uneven skin tone and hydrating your face, it offers the glow that helps you look rested, radiant and healthy.

Maximize Your Makeup

Once you have prepped your skin thoroughly, it is time to use the transforming power of makeup to harness that glowing skin that you want. Just a little something extra can mimic that glow in seconds. This can be achieved before you “put” your face on, while applying the base of your look or at the end with a little highlighter.

PUR Correcting Primer Illuminate & Glow is a moisturizing primer that gets applied before the rest of your cosmetics. While minimizing fine lines, wrinkles and pores, this product works to correct your skin inconsistencies like an uneven skin tone and dark spots.

The best part is that it manages to cover while feeling sheer at the same time. Gluten-free and animal-product and animal-testing free, the primer imparts brightness and brilliance to your skin.

If you are looking to both add a little extra coverage to your face and continue building on your glow, you can achieve two goals in one step with Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB11 Cream. As the name says, this mineral-based product uses titanium dioxide to protect your skin from the sun in the form of a broad-spectrum SPF 17 UVA/UVB protection. Water-resistant for up to 40 minutes, it brightens while smoothing to give you an even, beautiful, glowing appearance.

Jane Iredale

Layering textures really does help you glow, so pick a special innovation make up product like Becca Becca X Chrissy Teigen Endless Bronze & Glow. Both bronzer and highlighter, it holds three shades called Aloha Bronze, Beach Nectar and Moonstone, giving you the chance to blend a warm pink and warm brown with a golden champagne to give you the shimmery, glowing skin that turns heads.

When You Want That Glow, Head to LaLa Daisy

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