7 Tips for Psoriasis in Summer

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Does your psoriasis act up when temperatures soar in the summertime? Managing psoriasis in summer can be challenging. Know that it is not just you; over 125 million people around the world also have psoriasis, a skin condition that causes bumpy, red, irritated, or flaky white patches on the skin around your elbows, knees, torso, and scalp.

While the verdict is still out on the main causes of this skin condition, it can worsen with hormonal changes, lifestyle habits, and even stress. Summer can present some extra challenges, but these 7 easy tips can help you get through these warmer months.

1. Jump in the Water

Here’s a shocker: swimming in salty or chlorinated water is just ducky for skin with psoriasis. The salt and chlorine can help dead skin cells slough off, which in turn may thin those thick, scaly patches.

Be sure to follow your swim session with a quick rinse-off. Whether saline-filtered or chlorinated, pool water can be very drying; carry moisturizer in your beach or pool bag to lotion up after you towel off.

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2. Bask in the Sun

Sun exposure without sunscreen is rarely recommended, but a little bit of sun is actually a good thing for psoriasis in summer. The trick is sticking to controlled sun exposure, about five to ten minutes maximum for the benefit.

If you plan to stay outside for longer than that, use a lightweight sunscreen, such as PCA Skin Daily Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50, which can help control your psoriasis in summer. A hat also helps to protect your scalp from UV rays, which can exacerbate psoriasis patches on your head.

3. Surrender to the Humidity

Humidity might be your hair’s enemy, but for psoriasis, that extra moisture in the air is a gift. Humidity can reduce itchiness and redness associated with this skin condition.

On the other hand, sweating can trigger irritation, especially around your face and scalp, so it is a delicate balance to find that sweet spot of heat and humidity your skin can handle. You may need to change more often during the warmest months to avoid sitting around in sweaty clothes, which can aggravate your psoriasis in summer months.

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4. Skip the Air Conditioning

File this tip under “life isn’t fair.” Air conditioning can be a blessing in the hottest hours of the day, but it is not friends with psoriasis. A/C can dry out your skin, and as you know, dryness just aggravates your skin.

If you do spend a lot of time indoors with the A/C blasting, wear a tinted moisturizer for hydration and light makeup coverage for a fresh, natural face. We like IMAGE Skincare Prevention Plus Daily Tinted Moisturizer because it looks fabulous inside and protects your skin when you head outdoors.

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5. Slap on the Moisturizer

You may sense a recurring theme with skincare for psoriasis in summer: moisturizer. No matter what type of skin, everyone should use a hydrating lotion or cream twice a day to prevent dryness and signs of premature aging.

Tinted moisturizers, like fan-favorite REVISION Skincare Intellishade SPF45, make it easy to lock in hydration as part of your summertime psoriasis makeup routine, when you may be less likely to wear layers of a heavier foundation that you may turn to in the winter.

6. Change Your Bad Habits

Guess what else triggers psoriasis in summer? Yep, alcohol and smoking do. Every doctor advises against smoking, so if this is your vice, think about quitting. Alcohol leaches moisture away from your skin, which may make your psoriatic patches flare.

You may want to talk to your medical professional about dietary changes that can keep your psoriasis in check. And it goes without saying, but drink plenty of water to boost moisture from the inside out.

7. Manage that Stress

If you are prone to the summertime blues as well as worries the rest of the year, find ways to focus on self-care and minimize stress. Yoga, meditation, journaling, and resting are all worth your time to take care of your body, mind, spirit, and skin. Think of it this way; whatever brings balance to your health and wellbeing should have a similar effect on your skin.

Where To Find Skincare Products for Psoriasis in Summer

Do you need more suggestions to get your summertime psoriasis under control? LaLa Daisy has lots of helpful information at our Beauty Resource Center. Visit us to learn more skincare tricks for psoriasis and to shop our top-quality products at fabulous prices. WebMD has a few more tips for controlling psoriasis in the summertime in this artilce.