Beard Oil: The Essentials

Beard Oil: The Essentials

A great-looking beard takes some work. Picking the right products can reduce the effort you put into upkeep. Beard oil is one of those essentials that gives you an easy way to avoid that “hermit in the woods” look.

What Is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is a hydrating product that helps condition beard hair and moisturize the facial skin underneath. Additional ingredients can help with minimizing pores and other skin improvements.

Most often, beard oil contains a mix of essential and base oils. It can contain additional ingredients such as Vitamin E for additional hair and skin nourishment. Look for high-quality, synthetic-free blends.

Typically, the base or carrier oil will comprise over 90 percent of the oil. The base provides most of the moisturizing function. Jojoba and argan oils are mild, natural bases that work for most.

Essential oils deliver a variety of subtle, attractive fragrances. Many types of essential oils also provide additional benefits such as stimulating beard growth, minimizing pores or fighting acne.

Look for beard oil products with high-quality, natural ingredients such as Mancave Blackspice Beard Oil. The right beard oil repairs hair damage and fixes dry, flaky skin.

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Patch test a new oil by applying a small amount to a hidden spot on your body, such as behind the ear. This will let you know if you have a sensitivity or allergy to any ingredients.

Why You Should Use Beard Oil

Specially formulated oils perform vital moisturizing and nourishing functions for your beard hair and skin. Because beard hair has a different texture from the hair on the top of your head, it needs a different product.

Common problems with beards include dry, broken hair, flaky skin and fly-away hairs or frizz. Any of these can make you look unhealthy or unkempt.

Beard problems tend to increase in cold or dry weather. Using beard oil is especially important at these times. Regular use will keep your beard in top condition.

In addition to improving beard hair quality, a good oil also helps you style your beard. Especially in the winter, you want to avoid a flaky and dry appearance. Oil tames fly-away hair and keeps your beard looking neat and shiny.

A high-quality beard oil can also serve instead of cologne. Many products contain natural, masculine essential oils such as bergamot or sandalwood.

While beard oil can seem like just another skin care product to choose and purchase, its ability to multifunction makes it easy and cost-effective. Figuring out how to apply it doesn’t have to be a mystery either.

What Makes Beard Oil Necessary?

You may wonder why you need beard oil in the first place. Doesn’t your skin produce the oil it needs all on its own?

The skin all over your body gets its moisture from glands at the root of each hair follicle, called sebaceous glands, which secrete sebum oil.

However, each gland can only produce a specific quantity of sebum oil. As beard follicles grow, they need an increasing amount of oil to stay well-moisturized. At some point, the gland simply does not make enough oil.

Most men who decide to begin growing a beard may notice that, after a few weeks, the skin under the beard starts to itch. This means the skin is getting dry because there isn’t enough sebum oil.

Dry skin frequently results in visible and uncomfortable flaking. As the beard gets longer, there isn’t enough sebum oil to cover the length of the hair. This results in brittle hair and sometimes even split ends.

For this reason, it is important to begin applying beard oil soon after you start growing your beard. This can keep dryness at bay and avoid damage to your beard.

How To Apply Beard Oil

The best time to apply beard oil is in the morning right after you shower or clean your face. At this time, your pores and hair follicles are best able to absorb the oil so you get the full extent of the moisturizing benefit.

Put a few drops of oil on your hand. Two or three should be enough for most. Rub your hands against one another to spread the oil evenly.

Next, move your hands through your beard, pushing gently against the direction of hair growth. Men with longer beards may need to use a comb to get the oil to fully coat each hair. Make sure to fully cover all areas, including moustache, sideburns and the area under the chin.

When you have fully massaged the oil into your beard, use a comb or brush to smooth and style your beard. The oil will stay in for the rest of the day, moisturizing your beard and protecting it against the elements.

Most people should apply beard oil once a day in the morning. If you have particularly brittle hair or dry skin, you may want to increase application to twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed.

Who Should Use Beard Oil?

Anyone who has a beard and wants it to look good can benefit from using beard oil. This includes men with oily skin. The moisturizing qualities of the oil help your skin regulate its oil production.

Other Ways To Care for Your Beard

In addition to regularly using a good beard oil, there are other things you can incorporate into your skin care routine to keep your beard looking and feeling great. A high-quality beard wash such as Mancave Blackspice Beard Wash can provide effective cleansing while helping you retain the moisture you need.

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Developing a good routine that helps you preserve skin, beard and hair health does not have to be complicated. Check out Lala Daisy’s products for men to see more high-quality, natural products that simplify and optimize your skin care.

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