Wavy Hair

The Ultimate Guide to Wavy Hair Products and Daily Care

Your beautiful, wavy hair is unique in texture and behavior. It also has different nutritional needs than other hair types. To make the most of your natural hair, you need to be able to get just the right amount of volume and control without having to reset your hair throughout the day, which is what wavy hair products are built to support.

On top of that, the products you choose to use need help you have healthier hair, because healthier hair not only looks better, it feels better and it’s stronger. Let’s take a look at some of the defining characteristics that set your hair apart, as well as ways to keep it looking great even when your environment is challenging your hair. Then, we’ll discuss some wavy hair products you can find in our store that help you keep your hair healthy and looking great.

Characteristics of the Hair Type

lala daisy flowerObviously this hair type is named after its appearance, but what gives it that appearance? The answer lies in the sciences of human anatomy and genetics, both of which influence the way your body makes hair and the presentation of that hair as it grows out. For the hair on your head, these factors determine texture, color, and even the growth pattern you see as it gets longer.

Wavy hair tends to grow in an S shape as it proceeds out from the scalp. That repeated curving across thousands of strands is what produces its unique appearance, and it is due in large part to the shape of the proteins in the hair as it grows. The best products for wavy hair take this into account, strengthening the natural bonds that make your hair strong and hold its shape.

The result gives your waves more life by reducing the drag gravity can have on their shape as your hair grows out. The degree of curvature also helps determine just how wavy your hair will be. Extremely tight bends in the hair’s structure as it grows out become curls, and there are a lot of degrees of waviness between straight hair and curly hair.

What To Focus On in Your Hair Care Routine

lala daisy flowerWhen selecting hair products for wavy hair, it’s important to shop specifically for the kind of waves you have and the kind you want. Often, proper hair care can help you adjust the size and level of energy in your hair’s waves to suit your style.

Getting your look where you want it means knowing where your hair starts naturally and then investing in the products and nutritional choices that will help you take it where you want it to go. If you want more volume, generally speaking, you also want to tighten up the curves that define you wavy look. There are products for that.

Regardless of your goals, whether it’s transformation of your style or maintenance of a look that works for you, your hair’s nutrition and level of moisture are both important to its appearance and overall health. Wavy hair products that support natural moisture are going to be the most helpful for you. Products that strip moisture and nutrients from the hair like heat treatments and coloring will be damaging to your waves and need to be used carefully if they are used at all.

How Climate Affects Wavy Hair

lala daisy flowerCurly and wavy hair types are both affected profoundly by the amount of moisture in the air. Since air holds more moisture when it’s warm, temperature is also a factor to consider. On top of that, both extremely dry and extremely humid climates change its appearance in ways you may want to avoid.

Dry climates often lead to dry hair, which becomes brittle and prone to breaking. The lack of protective oil makes it easier for strands to break, as does dehydration. Hot dry climates tend to have a larger effect than cold dry climates.

Heat and humidity together tend to push wavy hair in the other direction. Volume goes up, and often the waves become much more active. Some people even see their hair curl all the way under the right temperature and moisture conditions.

The best way to minimize the day to day effects of changes to heat and humidity is to keep wavy hair products on hand to respond to both sets of conditions. For example, Kenra’s Curl Defining Creme #5 makes an excellent choice for protection against humidity because it helps nurture wavy and curly hair types while creating a protective barrier against the elements. That can also help keep it from drying out.

Lifestyle/Habit Changes

lala daisy flowerNaturally wavy hair and hair that’s been intentionally styled to create waves both need broad support to look their best. Lifestyle changes to make the most of this hair type are simple, and many people grow up already practicing them. One example is being careful about when and how your hair gets wet.

Often, curly and wavy hair needs to be completely re-styled after it gets wet to avoid a loss of control and drastic change of volume first from the sudden moisture and then from the drying process. Many people choose to wear a swimming cap for outdoor activities on the water because of that. For the same reason, shower caps are popular for days you don’t intend to shampoo your hair.

Another aspect of controlling the way heat and humidity affect wavy hair is controlling sweat during athletic activities and extreme heat days. Wet hair is wet hair, no matter the cause, so being proactive with headbands and heat breaks can make a huge difference whenever you are active. Sport hair products for wavy hair are also worth researching if an active lifestyle makes this a regular concern.

Nutrition for Healthy Hair

lala daisy flowerPeople with wavy hair don’t have specific nutritional needs that require dietary changes, but they do benefit from dietary choices that provide their bodies with the nutrients needed to make strong, healthy hair. After it’s grown out from the scalp, its initial health helps determine how prone it is to the breakdown of bonds between protein strands that lead to breakage and brittleness.

Eating foods with a lot of essential nutrients overall is always a good idea for hair and skin health, so including superfoods that provide a lot of nutrition for their calorie count in your daily routine will help in a broad way. That includes foods like:

  • Berries, especially blueberries, raspberries, acai, and goji
  • Leafy greens like kale and spinach
  • Whole grains
  • Sources of omega-3 fatty acids

Of all those general recommendations, the omega-3 acids have the most direct effect on your hair. Healthy protein in your diet is another key nutritional choice to support your hair. When your diet is low in protein, your body doesn’t have the key building blocks it needs to make healthy hair, so growth slows and new hair is not as strong or as lustrous as it could be.

Healthy proteins come in a wide variety of foods, not just meat. If you are looking for alternatives to chicken, beef, or pork, here are a few ideas that will make sure you are getting enough protein to get the most out of your wavy hair products by growing the healthiest hair possible from the beginning of the process.

  • Nuts
  • Beans
  • Eggs
  • Soy
  • Fish

Whole grains are also generally good sources of moderate amounts of protein. Legumes in general are high in protein, so feel free to pick your favorite beans and nuts. Get creative, too. You can find edamame pastas and other choices that turn high carbohydrate meals into high protein meals seamlessly.

Nutrition Tips for Coily and Kinky Hair

lala daisy flowerFood and water consumption have direct effects on hair health. Healthy food can benefit any hair type, including Type Four hair. Omega-3 fatty acids are very important to maintaining healthy strands and preventing the scalp from drying out. Salmon and other fish are optimal sources of Omega-3 and Omega-6, which are also found in chia seed, flax seed and nuts. Avocado also contains healthy fats and vitamins.

Protein plays an essential role in supporting hair and overall health. Eggs, poultry and fish are healthy protein sources.  Beef, lamb and other meat provide protein and many nutrients. Vegetarians and vegans should substitute beans, legumes, durum and whole grains.

Getting a variety of vitamins and minerals is also essential for healthier hair. Eat more green leafy vegetables as well as vitamin-rich produce such as carrots, broccoli, oranges and pineapples. Trace minerals such as biotin, calcium, selenium and zinc can be found in many foods.

Kinky coily hair tends toward dryness. Drinking at least eight eight-ounce glasses of water can prevent dehydration and maintain healthy hair and skin moisture levels.  Water regulates the circulatory system, which stimulates hair growth.

Hair Products for Wavy Hair

lala daisy flowerKeeping wavy hair healthy is a matter of having the right care routine. For that, you need the right rotation of products. The best products for wavy hair will not only help you look your best, they will also help nourish your hair and keep it healthy, leading to long-lasting improvements in its strength and shine.

To start with, find a good shampoo for your hair type. You can opt for a curl enhancer like EVO Gluttony Volume Shampoo if you want something that helps keep your waves in formation even if the weather changes as your day goes on, or you can opt for a clarifying shampoo instead.

Clarifying shampoos like this one from Paul Mitchell are not built specifically for curl support, but they are essential for anyone looking to improve overall hair health and prevent environmental damage, regardless of hair type. That’s because they are designed to take out impurities and environmental irritants like chlorine from swimming pools, leaving your hair cleansed more thoroughly than a basic shampoo. They also moisturize while removing excess oil, leaving hair with a healthy balance of oils and hydration.

Regardless of your shampoo choice, using a high quality deep conditioner is also essential to getting the most out of your hair regardless of type. Conditioner is the key to long-term moisture support, and there are plenty of wavy hair products to choose from when picking a natural, long-lasting conditioner. For an economical starter that is still designed specifically for hair with waves, check out Matrix Biolage SmoothProof.

Styling product is also essential for the perfect wavy hair look. There are a lot of good choices that are all designed for specific effects, so find the creme or mousse with support for curls and waves that best suits your individual hair goals by checking out our wide selection of the best products for wavy hair for active people.

The key to getting the most out of a creme or mousse is application. Scrunch it into your hair after drying it naturally or towel-drying. Avoid combing it in because vigorous combing can damage wavy hair types. Cremes designed to support your waves also provide some protection against moisture loss and humidity, so they generally work better than hair sprays for your hair type.

Last but not least, oil adds shine and provides protection by coating your hair lightly. The key is to choose wavy hair products that don’t weigh you down and reduce the appearance of volume that helps your waves look great.

How To Enhance Your Waves

lala daisy flowerMost hair products designed for wavy and curly hair are already built to provide wave enhancement, but you can always take it further. Look into a leave-in conditioner you can apply after towel drying and before styling. Avoid brushing your hair after drying it, and instead spray in the conditioner and let it set while the hair is still damp.

Leave-in conditioning products release tangles and smooth cuticles while providing some protection from heat damage and encouraging your hair’s natural wavy shape. So does hair serum, but be careful about combining hair serum and other long-term treatment products. Often, serums are made from strong oils, so they may not be necessary if you are already using an oil treatment like argan oil.

A little styling paste or pomade can also provide extra support for your waves while helping to retain volume throughout the day. Be wary of any product that adds too much weight and moisture, though, because weighing your hair down can make it look limp. Hair products for wavy hair include a lot of pomades and creams specifically designed to provide the support you need in a lightweight formula, so don’t be afraid to search for specific formulations meant for your hair type.

Products To Avoid

lala daisy flowerAs we’ve already discussed, heat and harsh chemical treatments are especially hard on wavy hair and likely to cause damage. Many hair coloring options fall into the category of harsh chemical treatments, too. If you do need to color your hair, make sure you do so carefully. Avoid re-coloring it often, and support your hair’s nutrition with leave-in conditioners and other treatments designed to replenish it after the processing.

If you need to enhance your waves or you want to turn them into curls, consider using wavy hair products that encourage tighter curls instead of heat or chemical processes to enhance curls. Similarly, avoid hair relaxers and straighteners as much as possible because they tend to involve harsh chemicals that strip moisture from hair.

The best options for your hair will always be natural, hypoallergenic products designed to protect your waves while avoiding possible irritants. Seek them out for wavy hair support instead of using treatments that can lead to dry or damaged hair.

How to Care for Your Wavy Hair
How to Care for Your Wavy Hair