Curly Hair Solutions

Curly Hair Solutions

All curly hair is unique, making it challenging to find the perfect hair care routine. There a few steps every curly hair routine should have – a wide tooth comb, the curly cocktail that supports your texture, and a hair tie to pineapple your tresses at night. Here are a few of our favorite products that might change the curly hair game forever.

How To Keep Those Twists Tangle Free

While you may love your gorgeous ringlets, keeping them from getting knotted is no easy task. Although you may be tempted to comb them out when wet, this is a no-no, since that is when hair is at its most fragile and therefore breaks easily. And since curly hair is naturally brittle and dry to begin with, it truly needs extra TLC.

Learning the right curly hair tips can help you care for your hair easily with the least amount of effort. The best way to handle your curly hair is by using a rake comb. This is preferable to using a brush, since brushing can bring out the frizzies.

Using your hands, separate a 2-inch segment of your hair. Then, very gently, start combing your hair at the bottom. Once you have detangled that section, move up a little higher and repeat until you are able to easily run the rake comb from the roots to the ends. Then move on to the next section, and so forth.

The gold standard for hair tools is known worldwide to be Mason Pearson, an iconic British company. The Mason Pearson Rake Comb feels substantial in your hand, allowing you to easily control your detangling. This die-cut comb is a gorgeous tortoise shell color, too, making it easy on the eyes as your work your magic.

Mason Pearson

How To Cleanse Those Ringlets

Unlike straight hair, which has a perfectly round cuticle, curly hair has an oval-shaped follicle. When this follicle is more rounded, the curls are looser, but if the follicle is flatter, then the curls are quite tight. This is why some people have springy coils and others have bigger, bouncier curls.

Straight hair also provides the perfect surface for the scalp’s natural oils to slide down, thus coating and conditioning the hair. However, this does not happen so easily when you have a headful of curly locks. Oils are prevented from traveling down the shaft, resulting in hair that tends to be dry and brittle.

Therefore, it is important to use products specifically developed for curly hair each time you wash and condition your hair. They have been created to target the issues that are solely known to those with this hair type.

Surface Curls Shampoo not only gently cleanses your hair and scalp, but promotes curl health as well. It volumizes your locks while detangling and nourishing your strands. And, this 100% vegan shampoo is paraben- and gluten-free.


When you have a shampoo that works this well, you want to stick with its matching conditioner for best results. Using products from the same brand and same line is like magic: they are made to work together. Once you find the right curly hair cocktail, your hair behaves like never before.

And so you should follow up your shampoo with Surface Curls Conditioner. Using botanical oils, this dream conditioner detangles while delivering much-needed moisture to your locks. It is safe for color-treated hair and actually preserves your color.


Many women find that they do not need to shampoo each time they get their hair wet. Rather, after soaking the scalp and strands thoroughly, they add a generous amount of conditioner to the hair and then rinse completely. This prevents the dryness that plagues so many people.

Another winning strategy for curly hair is to put conditioner onto your hair before you shampoo. Let it penetrate for several minutes, and then apply a small dollop of shampoo just to your roots. Massage it for a few minutes before rinsing everything out together, and give your scalp a blast of cool or even cold water to seal the cuticle once the suds have dissipated.

How To Style Your Strands

Styling hair can be hard enough, and even harder when you are fighting the texture of your hair while doing so. Curly hair styles are especially prone to the frizzies, so you are engaging in the two-step process of controlling those frizzies while trying to reach an end result that you love.

By using products specifically designed for curly hair care, you get the support you need to achieve exactly the style that you want. Therefore, you need to seek out products that help to battle the curly hair struggles of controlling frizz, preventing tangles, and adding definition.

Living Proof is well-known for their excellent hair products, and those expressly conceived for curly hair realize their goals. Living Proof Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse hits the trifecta of outsmarting the frizzies, thwarting tangles and creating exactly the coils you desire for all different kinds of curly hair styles.

Silicone- and sulfate-free, this mousse works with any texture curly hair and lasts for hours. It coats your strands and protects them while creating beautiful, bouncy curls.

How To Pineapple Your Coils

Sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures. When you have truly out-of-control tresses and one product isn’t making the cut, mix them together to receive all of the benefits. Try Living Proof Restore Instant Repair which attacks frizziness without weighing hair down.

Living Proof

It protects both hair and color using an all-natural formula. You can use this cream on damp hair prior to heat styling. Or, you can take a pump of the product, rub it between your palms and apply to completely dry hair to tamp down those flyaways and control the frizzies.

This hair repair leave-in conditioner also works well when you decide to pineapple your tresses. The pineapple method works best when you use a satin scrunchie or other hair tool that is loose enough that it won’t leave an impression on your hair.

Just before you go to bed, bend down at your waist and lean forward. Then gather all of your hair together, on top of and towards the front of your head. Loosely slip the scrunchie around your mop (and resist the urge to double it to make it tighter).

By pineappling your hair, you protect it as you are sleeping and prevent tangling from occurring. In the morning, just remove the scrunchie and gently fluff your hair back down.

Head Straight to LaLa Daisy

Curly hair is an asset that is easily controlled once you have the right products. LaLa Daisy carries fabulous lines of items that are perfect for curly hair care, along with any other hair, skincare or makeup products you may need. And check out our blog, which provides wavy and curly hair tips along with great makeup and skincare advice.

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