Benefits of Sulfate Free Hair Care

Benefits of Sulfate Free Hair Care

Benefits of Sulfate Free Hair Care

There is no shortage of sulfate free hair care products available to meet all of your hair care needs. Have you ever wondered why sulfate free products are better for your hair? Here are some reasons why the switch is completely worth it!

Sulfates Damage Colored Hair

If you color your hair, you may need to stay away from sulfates, which are surfactants that add sudsing power to your favorite products. They can strip color and cause dryness in fragile or color-treated hair. Try a natural sulfate free shampoo for an extra dose of gentle cleansing the next time you wash.

Natural Color Damage is Real, Too

If you think your color is protected from sulfates because it is natural, think again. Sulfates can cause your natural hair color to fade over time, even permanently. Switch to a gentler hair care routine to protect your beautiful color.

End Hair Loss Today

Some hair products can actually contribute to hair loss. This is caused by scalp irritation that many sulfate-based products can cause. Switch to save your strands from falling out.

Sensitive Skin Hates Sulfates

Sensitive scalps are a common issue, and sulfate-based products can really wreak havoc on these tender heads. If you have sensitivity, milder hair care can really make a difference.

Have Second-Day Hair? Go Sulfate Free

If you have hair that is naturally drier, you may skip a wash every couple of days. Mild products free of sulfates are great to make up for your lack of moisture and are gentle enough that you will feel less stressed about over-washing.

Banish Buildup

If you are tired of that heavy, itchy feeling you get after a few shampoos, your sulfate hair products may be to blame. You can reach a whole new level of clean with non-sulfate formulas.

Say Goodbye to Frizz

Sick to death of having frizzy hair day in and day out? Sulfate products may be the cause of your suffering. Try this anti-frizz shampoo for the sleekest, smoothest hair you’ve ever had.

Say Bye-Bye to Breakage, Too

If you have noticed more split ends or have had strands of hair completely break, your sulfate products could be to blame. Switching products could help your hair become stronger and shinier.

Less Sulfates, More Volume

Tired of having flat hair? Sulfates can deplete your hair of vital nutrients that lead to limp strands. Switch to a gentle product for fuller, more luxurious locks.

Curls and Kinks Need Kindness

If your hair is kinky or curly, you may want to stay far away from sulfates. The sudsiness that they provide can be disastrous when applied to lively locks. A simpler formula may be just what you need to keep your hair looking fabulous.

Sulfates Are (Literally) an Eye Sore

Do you notice that your eyes get super stingy and dry if you even get a little bit of hair product in them? Sulfates may be to blame; ditch them for happier eyes.

Sulfate Products Strip Oils

The way that sulfate-based hair products are designed causes them to strip your hair of its oils, leading to dryness and some of the problems mentioned above. Switch to a more natural routine and reap the benefits.

Gentle Formulas Nourish

Not only do sulfate-free hair products give your hair a break from damage and dryness, they also contain nutrients that nourish and protect your hair. A moisturizing conditioner like this argan oil option from Agadir can give your hair a whole new life – and make you feel like a whole new person.

Sulfate Free is Better for Skin

As mentioned above, sulfate products are designed to keep hair oil-free, but your hair and skin really need some oil – and the sulfate-laden products dripping down in the shower can make your whole body dry, too. Ditch the sulfates for more natural, healthy oils from head to toe.

Permanent Treatments, Great Results

If you have had your hair permanently straightened or had another major treatment, you will likely find that you need to avoid sulfate-based hair products. You could have longer-lasting, better results with simpler formulas.

Sulfates and Keratin Don’t Mesh

If you swear by your keratin hair treatments, you will want to stay away from sulfates. They can actually undo the treatment’s effects, so switch to gentler products to keep reaping the benefits of keratin.

In some cases, sulfate products aren’t so bad, and it can actually be beneficial to use them once in a while. However, if you are experiencing any of the situations mentioned above, you really have nothing to lose by giving gentler hair care a try.

It isn’t always easy to find the perfect sulfate free hair care products for your needs, but LaLa Daisy makes your search a little simpler. All of products come from the brands you love – and are available at prices you will adore.

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