Color Correcting Concealer Makeup: Using Green, Lavender and Yellow to Even Your Skin Tone

How can green concealer makeup possibly belong in anyone’s makeup collection besides Herman Munster. And isn’t orange reserved for Oompa-Loompas? Not so, say makeup artists today — and our customers at LaLa Daisy.

If you’re like us, concealer has always been an indispensable part of your makeup collection. When you want to dab coverup on a yellow sunspot, patch of rudyness or grey undereye circles, reach for a concealer wand.

Concealers are often skin-toned and are bought to match your own complexion. But colored concealers are a new trick and a bit of a hack to help address the wide range of concerns affecting facial skin without having to find that exact skintone match.

Think of a color wheel and the color on the opposite side of a color wheel is the color that can cancel it out. Purple, orange, pink, yellow and green concealer have become commonplace in a lineup of concealer and foundation products because they can neutralize yellow, green, blue, grey and red or pink in our own skintone.

We have rounded up some of the best green, pink, purple and yellow concealer options and explain what makes each of them useful. Read on for the secrets of colorful concealers!


red neutralizing green concealer

What is that green doing in my concealer and foundation palette? If this is a familiar question, we have some great news for you: this surprising color is used to correct red. For instance, if you experience rosacea or even red rings near your eyes, green can be used to neutralize this problem. It can also balance out the appearance of pimples! The PUR Correcting Primer Redness Reducer is a customer favorite.


Anyone with fair skin knows that even minor discolorations can be hard to deal with. A ruddy, uneven complexion with fair tones can smoothed out with pink. The pink found in the Jane Iredale Circle Delete Concealer can be used to correct the purplish circles that some people with fair skin find under their eyes.


Have you ever woken up to discover dark purplish or grey rings under your eyes? If you have brown or tan skin, then you are probably very familiar with this complaint. While this problem may be due to poor sleep in many people this characteristic has a genetic component.

This means that you are likely hunting for a serious concealer capable of evening out these particular problem areas. Yellow and very light tan concealer can be used to cover up these dark blotches and even out your skin tone. Yellow is a good concealer color for people with medium and fair skin tones, too.



yellow, orange, purple, green makeup concealer

Glominerals offers a Corrective Camouflage Kit comes complete with purple, green, yellow and orange. These are all the concealers you’d ever need to take control over your complexion. Thanks to Glominerals precision formula, even people with sensitive skin can wear this concealer with confidence.

Corrective Makeup for Every Situation

Not sure which corrective makeup is right for you? Dip your concealer brush over the Colorescience Pro Mineral Corrector Palette and see for yourself which colors are suited to your personal concerns.

This palette contains five great concealer colors to help you hide a range of problems. bareMinerals is known for making high quality makeup that is free from the kind of ingredients that tend to irritate sensitive skin.

The fine texture lets you easily blend these concealers across your skin before applying the rest of your makeup.

Getting the Best Results

Your concealer technique is just as important as the makeup itself. Remember to apply makeup to clean skin; you may wish to apply a light layer of moisturizer to your skin after washing.

Next you will apply concealer and carefully blend it to cover up problem areas. Choose a concealer brush designed for great coverage – we like the Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush from bareMinerals.

Use the brush to smooth concealer on your skin and gently blur the edges of the area of application to prevent a splotchy look from developing. After applying concealer, you can use facial powder to set the look and finish by applying your preferred foundation product and the rest of your makeup as usual.

You will know that you applied concealer correctly when troublesome spots, blemishes, and discolorations are less noticeable underneath the rest of your daily makeup.

Your Source for Great Makeup and Skin Care

LaLa Daisy makes finding the perfect makeup simpler than ever. We carry a wide variety of products specially selected for their high quality. We specialize in makeup that is safe for sensitive skin and offer skin care products formulated with healthy, natural ingredients.

LaLa Daisy offers free shipping on all orders and our customer service team is always ready to help!

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