Expert Tips for Achieving the Smooth, Flawless Foundation Application of Your Dreams

Expert Tips for Achieving the Smooth, Flawless Foundation Application of Your Dreams

Achieving perfect foundation is no easy task. From choosing the right shade to applying your makeup in a way that looks natural, it’s no wonder a flawless-looking finish is often elusive. Tweaking your routine helps to kick cakey-looking makeup to the curb.

Starting With a Smooth Canvas Is Key

 In order to start your day with foundation that looks natural and smooth, remember the cardinal rule: exfoliation is an absolute must. If your skin has rough, flaky patches then makeup will be doomed to reflect that your skin itself is less than smooth.

Products such as cream scrubs and lotions that provide exfoliation are great for ridding the skin of dead skin cells and dry flakes. A top LaLa Daisy recommendation, Glo Skin Beauty Glycolic Resurfacing Cream utilizes glycolic acid to banish dead skin cells and promote turnover.

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Moisturize and Wait

 Adding moisture after scrubbing is key to keeping those sloughed-away areas smooth. Choose a moisturizer that addresses your skin’s needs. Philosophy’s Hope In a Jar does a fantastic job of fighting signs of aging, while Epionce Lytic TX lotion is a favorite for improving the texture of skin impacted by conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis.


Your first instinct may be to immediately apply foundation, but try to leave time between your cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing routine and your makeup application. This allows your skin to soak up the benefits from the work you’ve put in before applying cover-up products.

Prime and Conceal Like a Pro

 Prepare your face and set yourself up for makeup success with a customer-favorite primer such as COOLA Unscented Mineral Makeup Primer. Follow with a foundation that as closely matches your natural skin tone as possible.

If following your foundation application with concealer or powder, avoid the temptation to apply them everywhere, instead focusing only on blemishes or areas where they’re needed.

These tips, along with LaLa Daisy’s amazing selection of face care products, ensure brilliant makeup application on par with elite makeup artists is in your future.

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