Fall Loves Metallics: Get the Shimmering Looks We’re Obsessed With

Fall Loves Metallics: Get the Shimmering Looks We’re Obsessed With

This fall season, your makeup collection is not complete unless you have the best shimmer bronzer. Right now, shimmers and metallics are all the rage, and once you see models rocking these awesome styles, you will want to try them out for yourself.

Harper’s Bazaar recently highlighted the trend of ladies applying more metallics around the eyelids than in years’ past. Before, it was fairly common to see just a dab of metallic, but now many women are going all in.

Models were literally glowing on runways this season by also applying a fair amount of shimmer. Vogue highlighted how shimmer is used in relation to glittery for a one-of-a-kind look that demands attention anywhere. To attain these same styles, it is vital for women to try out different products to see what works for them.

Pür Love Your Selfie Palette

This palette provides you with eight stellar eye shadows for a number of occasions. It is the perfect thing to have in your purse if you suspect you will be getting your photo taken at some point during the evening. The shades you get with this palette include:

  • Closeup
  • Flash
  • Photobomb
  • Filter
  • Fade
  • Exposure
  • Sepia
  • Capture

In only 60 seconds, you can attain a look that will be the envy of everyone wherever you go. These shimmers accentuate your skin’s natural tone for a gorgeous aesthetic.

Glominerals Shimmer Brick, Gleam

Highlight your best features with the Glominerals Shimmer Brick, Gleam. You are provided with four unique shades to mix and match.

GloMinerals Shimmer Brick

You can apply this product around your eyes as well as over your cheeks. Keep it in your car in case you want to do touch-ups throughout the day.

It provides a subtle illumination that stands out but is never overpowering. You can even blend some of the shades together for a wholly unique look.

Glominerals Metallic Smoky Eye Kit

Nothing is quite devilishly sexy as the smoky eye look. You are able to get that appearance and more with the Glominerals Metallic Smoky Eye Kit.

You get an array of metallic tones to put around your eyes. The best part is that they are buildable, so whether you want something subtle or a little more dramatic, you can get precisely what you want.

Glominerals gloGloss Whisper

Shine like a diamond with Glominerals gloGloss Whisper. It comes with a variety of shades, so you are able to adjust everything for the exact look you are going for.

GloMinerals Gloss

For a subtle shimmer, you may want to consider applying this product by itself. However, you can also contour it with other products for your very own custom look.

Why You Should Opt for Metallics and Shimmers

Many ladies are hesitant to opt for this relatively new fashion trend. These styles really started making waves in 2016, and there are a couple reasons why they are probably going to stick around for a while.

For starters, metallics are great for women who want to make a statement. Metallics are bold, and many women are no longer looking for makeup that is hardly noticeable. When a woman wants to apply makeup, she should be confident everyone in a room is going to stand up and take notice.

Additionally, metallics and shimmers are great if you love taking pictures and uploading them to Instagram. Instagram is not the place for subtlety, so start drawing in more comments by updating your makeup choices.

Finally, metallics allow the rest of your look to be relatively minimal. If you do not feel like wearing a ton of makeup on a particular day, then you can stick with a metallic lipstick or eyeshadow to be the focal point. Everyone will look at that, so you can keep the area around your cheeks simple.

The Makeup You Deserve

No matter what product you want, there is something here for everyone at LaLa Daisy. Browse through our catalog to start seeing what will work beautifully with your skin.

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