Finding the Right Exfoliating Facial Cream

Finding the Right Exfoliating Facial Cream

If you are trying to build up a quality skin care regimen, then you already know that you need to have a wide variety of products that are all built to suit different purposes to get the best possible results. That means having night cream for firming and for anti-wrinkle purposes. It means having a day cream that can protect you from the environment, as well as a sunscreen that is designed to keep harmful UV rays from undoing the hard work your other products do.

Chances are very good that you also need an exfoliating facial cream. Using a facial cream to help you exfoliate means getting a deeper scrub than you can achieve through other means, but you need to know how to do it to get the most out of the process, and you need to be consistent. 

Your Daily Exfoliating Process

The first key is to finding the right process. There are a number of ways to approach daily exfoliation, including the use of exfoliating pads that come pre-loaded with soap, cleanser, or other products. You can also use a natural exfoliator. Many people get great results out of this, especially for the scalp—semi-dissolved Epsom salts or brown sugar can provide a lot of grit. Unfortunately, as great as that can be for a robust scalp exfoliation, it’s a bit harsh if you try it on your face. Instead, go through the following steps to get those deep results without the harsh approach:

  1. Pick out an exfoliating facial cream that works for your skin—one with the ingredients you need to be able to be confident that your skin is compatible with your product.
  2. Find a luffa, shower ball, or scrubbing pad that you can use and re-use. Microfiber towels can be exceptional choices for this.
  3. Wash your face with warm but not hot water, wetting it thoroughly—for the most part. Some products will ask you to apply to dry skin, in which case you should wash it and then dry it, to take off any dirt or other contaminants on the surface and make your exfoliation more effective.
  4. Apply the exfoliating cream thoroughly, until it builds up a good coating on your face. Not all creams will lather, so be aware of this and adjust the amount you need to use accordingly.
  5. Use your microfiber towel or other scrubber to take off your exfoliating face cream, leaving a refreshed appearance after.

Once you are done, rinse your face and then put on whatever daily moisturizer or protection you need.

Finding the Right Exfoliating Cream

 When you are looking for an exfoliating face cream that will really work to cleanse your face and prepare it for your other facial cream applications, you need to know both the process and the right products to use. If you need a good facial exfoliator for on-the-go applications, you can find exfoliating creams that are built into moisturizers too, like Image Skincare’s Ageless Total Repair Cream, and the Lala Daisy return policy guarantees you will be satisfied with it. Just remember, your best routine will use the two in combination to get the best results.

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