Finding the Right Products for Your Skin

Finding the Right Products for Your Skin

As you click through a sea of products online or browse through endless shelves of offerings at your local drug store, it can be challenging to find just the right fit for your skin condition. Depending on your individual skin type and the area of your body you plan to treat, it can be helpful to understand the key differences between the products you see.


Lotions are one of the most common types of skincare products out there. Since it is more lightweight and less oily in texture, it can cover larger areas and can be more easily absorbed. While all-purpose formulations may be used for moisturizing from head to toe, more specialized products can address the needs of specific parts of the body.

For example, L’Occitane Verveine Hand Lotion can be massaged into hands as needed to make them soft while leaving behind a fresh, zesty citrus scent.



If you are looking for something richer than lotion, creams are a step up typically comprised of a 50/50 blend of oil and water. By nature, they are longer-lasting which can be perfect for people needing extra TLC for any trouble areas. Some creams can be used to remedy certain skin conditions, or to deliver an intense dose of moisture to severely dry skin from everyday wear-and-tear.

Aveda Foot Relief™ moisturizing creme, for instance, can be used to relieve feet that are cracked, dry, peeling or callused from certain footwear or exposure to the elements.


Another type of formula that you may recognize that often crosses over from the beauty aisle to the medicine aisle are ointments. This is the most oil-heavy formulation with approximately 80 percent oil and 20% water. Ointments can be infused with medicinal properties to spot treat certain ailments such as cuts, scrapes or rashes or can be applied to larger areas of the body.

Vanicream Vaniply ointment is a dermatologist-recommended treatment for not only soothing but also protecting skin that is recovering from conditions such as eczema or exposed to especially arid, windy climates.


Humectants and Emollients

If you’re shopping for moisturizing products you are bound to notice products that boast humectant and emollient properties in their description. While humectants help to boost skin’s actual water content within, emollients create a protective layer while soothing skin that is damaged.

Whether you are looking for an everyday lotion to keep skin supple, a cream for extra moisture or an ointment for a more intense spot treatment, you can count on LaLa Daisy for your health and beauty needs.

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