Fresh Faced, Fall Ready

Fresh Faced, Fall Ready

Many makeup trends tend to come and go quickly (remember “lollipop lips”?), but some are so simple and “barely there” that they’re destined to stick around for a while. Monochrome makeup is one such trend that looks great on all skin types and offers fresh-faced appeal. It’s easy to pull off and creates a clean, effortless look.

What Exactly Is Monochromatic Makeup?

Monochromatic makeup is a technique that involves using one shade range on your cheeks, lips and eyes. The lips are usually matte and the eyes are typically set off with a shimmery shadow, like Youngblood Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow in Timeless.

Youngblood Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow

If you’ve paid any attention to celebrities in the media, you’ve most likely seen this popular trend on full display. Gigi Hadid and Rihanna are two of many celebrities who have recently shown off this stunning technique on the red carpet.

Most popular monochromatic looks feature one of the following shade roots:

  • Pink
  • Beige
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Peach

Although the concept of monochromatic makeup may at first sound a bit boring to you, it’s actually very striking when applied. Remember, you can use several different shades of the same color on your face to create subtle dimension and visual interest.

Why Monochrome?

Many people have fallen in love with the natural makeup trend, and monochrome beauty palettes fit right in. Depending on the hues you choose, you can end up with a “barely there” look that’s refreshing and low-key or bold and attention-grabbing.

For the most natural appearance, stick with colors that are close to your skin tone. If you want to make a statement, opt for more audacious or sultry hues.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of monochrome makeup is that anyone can apply it with ease. It’s much easier to choose various shades of the same color than it is to choose different complementary colors for your cheeks, eyes and lips.

Some beauty trends are best worn during specific times of the year. Although monochrome is particularly trendy this fall, it can be worn all year round and never has to be limited to only seasonal wear.  

Tips for Applying Monochrome Makeup

Before you can rock the monochromatic look, you need to decide if you want to go bright or neutral. Here are a few tips for achieving both looks effortlessly.

To go bright (think peacock blue or scarlet red), choose two of your favorite features that you want to enhance (eyes and cheeks, lips and eyes or cheeks and lips). You’ll apply the bright monochrome palette to these features while leaving the third feature neutral to avoid looking too intense and overwhelming.

To go natural (think fresh-faced and neutral), choose a warm hue that pairs well with your skin tone. Coral and peach goes well with pale skin while pink, red and bronze looks great with darker skin tones.

Once you’ve chosen the ideal color palette for your face, it’s time to apply your makeup. Blend various shades of your chosen color to your eyes, cheeks and lips to create a soft, neutral look that looks absolutely effortless. A great product for the cheeks is TheBalm Balm in Full Swing Blush Highlighter.

The Balm Full Swing Blush

When creating the ideal monochromatic look, try to vary the finishes you use on various parts of your face. For example, set off your lips with a soft matte lipstick, then use glitter eyeshadow or shimmery highlighter on your cheeks.

You can make your lip color and eyeshadow last longer by using lip and eyeshadow primer as a base. This will help your makeup go on smoother and last longer with less frequent touch-ups.

Since the monochrome trend is all about coordinating and blending various shades of the same hue, it’s important to use quality brushes for each part of your face. A good brush set is something you should feel okay splurging on, since it will help you achieve the flawless finish that’s essential for monochromatic makeup.

Make the Switch

Making the switch to low-key monochromatic makeup is easy. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on new beauty products, you can create the look with beauty essentials you already have in your beauty kit.

To get started, separate your makeup components into cheeks, eyes and lips categories. Then, separate each category into various shades of the same color.

Finally, choose the eye, cheek and lip shades that come from the same color family and look good with your skin tone. Voila! You’ve created your own monochromatic color palettes using makeup you already have on-hand.

Of course, it’s always fun to switch up your makeup palette when trying different techniques. So if you’re tired of the products you already have, why not treat yourself to some new monochromatic products?

Get the Essentials

LaLa Daisy has all of the Monochrome essentials you need, from on-the-go brush sets to neutral or bold eye and lip palettes. To find everything you need to recreate the most stunning celebrity monochromatic looks, browse through LaLa Daisy’s impressive selection of coordinating makeup palettes.

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