Gel Manicure Love

Gel Manicure Love

Pampering your hands with a manicure is always a good thing. Whether you visit a salon or do it yourself, adding a splash of well-maintained color to your nails helps refine your overall look.


Chipped nail polish is never ideal. Thanks to gel polish we can add long lasting to our manicures. Here is how to prep, care for and safely remove your gel polish.

Why Get a Gel-Style Manicure

There are various ways to show the world that your hands and nails are well-groomed. Simple things like using moisturizer or hand cream regularly, filing your nails and applying a little olive oil to the cuticles to keep them soft and supple go a long way.

Some people prefer the bare look, and use a buffer to add shine to their nail beds. Others extend au naturale a bit further and use a clear nail polish to protect and add shine. But when you like to play around with different colors and achieve different looks, you have the option of using regular polish or gel polish.

A gel manicure differs from a regular one in terms of the duration. Gel manicures were developed as the answer to the question of how to make your manicure last longer.

The main benefit of doing your nails with gel polish is that it extends how long you get to glance down at chip-free, shiny color while minimizing the time you spend getting your nails done. Luckily, you can get professional-quality results at home when you have the right products.

Without worrying about when you are going to have time in your schedule to head to the salon or whether they are able to fit you in, you can achieve stunning results on your own time frame. And, when you choose to do it yourself, the savings really add up.

What You Should Assemble

Taking a few minutes to gather everything before you start makes your at-home manicure smooth from start to finish. Better yet, find a pretty basket in which to keep your self-assembled kit so you are ready each and every time you want to spruce up your hands.

Some of the items you already have and others you might need to purchase. Your kit should contain a variety of items, including:

  • Nail clipper, files, cuticle sticks and buffer
  • Washcloths and towel
  • LED lamp for gel polish
  • Various application coats for your nails and the polish color of your choice
  • Nail polish remover, cotton balls or pads and foil
  • Cuticle oil or cream, moisturizing cream and a scrub


How To Begin by Babying Your Hands

Think about what your hands do for you each and every day. From the minute your finger silences your wake-up alarm until you flip the light switch off at night, your hands take part in all of your daily activities. Isn’t it now time to show them the love?

If you have any polish on your nails, begin by removing it with polish remover on cotton pads. Gel polish needs a special dedicated gel polish remover such as the one included in the Gelish Complete Starter Kit to prevent damage to your nails. Follow the directions carefully. Or, soak cotton balls in the solution, apply to your nail, wrap a piece of foil around each fingertip and wait between 15 minutes to an hour until the polish has gently lifted.

Next, determine what shape nail you want: round, square, or the compromise that is known as rounded square. If you want to drastically shorten your nails, use clippers. Otherwise, file gently in the same direction until you achieve the desired shape and length.

The Diamancel #6 Semi Flexible Diamond Nail File is a luxury tool that does this task with ease. Its fine diamond surface moves across your tips with a fluid motion without damaging the integrity of the nail. Follow with a soft buffing using your nail buffer to smooth and shine.


Apply cuticle cream or oil to your cuticles, and then push back with a cuticle stick. Be sure to do this gently, since your cuticle acts as a protectant for your nail bed. You can even use a washcloth if you do not have any sticks on hand.

Then, apply your exfoliant or scrub all over your hands, from the wrists down to your fingertips. Using warm water, treat your hands with kindness as you gently slough off all of your dead skin cells. Be sure to massage around the base of every finger as you give your hands a throughout washing.

Dry your hands and nails completely with a towel. Moisturize your hands with cream, such as Elta MD So Silky Hand Crème. This oil-free wonder works to protect the delicate skin on your hands while delivering many hours of moisture that penetrates the surface. The botanical ingredients along with Vitamin E nourish, brighten and soften your skin.


Finally, be sure to wipe your nails lightly with polish remover to be sure the nail surface is ready to accept polish. Once your nails are dry, you are ready to begin your gel manicure.

How To Get Gel the Best Results at Home

If you are someone who prefers to do her nails at home, you should invest in a kit that takes you from start to finish. The Gelish Complete Starter Set has everything you need to make your at-home manicure a success. By following the included directions, you can get the same results as a pricey salon treatment.

Apply the pH bond and then the foundation in thin coats on each nail, using the included professional-quality light LED lamp afterwards for 5 seconds according to directions. Then, apply the color of your choice to your nails from base to tip and put your hand into the lamp for 20 seconds.

The beauty of Gelish gel polish is that you do not have to wait a long time for your nails to dry and fret for the next few hours about smearing them. The light cures your nails to a hard, smudge-free finish. After an application of Top It Off gel, you are going to be admiring your handiwork with pride.

How To Take Your Nails to the Next Step

When you are a master manicurist, you may want to take things to the next step with a tube of Gelish Polygel – Soft White. This product was developed by taking the best traits of acrylic nails and hard gels and combining them so nails can stay protected and well-coated.

This odorless compound helps your nails go the extra mile. When you sculpt or add this as a tip overlay, you are protecting those coveted half-moons. By squeezing and slicing the polygel, you get the amount you need. Then apply, shape your nails and let it dry.

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