Hair Care Inspired by Skin Care

Hair Care Inspired by Skin Care

When you have finally found the perfect skin care routine, you wish that life was just so simple for your hair, too. Well, it can be. The right hair care routine helps to get your hair in the best shape possible, streamlines your daily grooming activities and makes you feel really good about yourself.

Skin care continues to transform, and now we are considering the hair care products that compare! Here are some of our favorite skin care inspired hair care products.

Modernize Your Hair Routine

What makes your skin care routine so beneficial is that you have gotten in the habit of applying the same products every day, in more or less the same order, so that you reap the maximum benefits no matter what line you use. New innovations in hair care can offer the same rewards which means better results and a better you.

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Add Some Versatile Oils 

One favorite skin care item is an oil, which provides moisture to your skin and can help balance a temperamental complexion. Did you know that hair oils can offer many similar benefits? Some even work double duty, making them portable and easy for the gym or travel.

Paul Mitchell Marula Oil Rare Oil Treatment Light can be used in different ways to help return some moisture to dry and thirsty hair. You can either use it regularly, or on an as-needed basis when your tresses need some quick TLC to tame those unruly locks.

This product has demonstrated an 80% decrease in split ends along with an 80% increase in shine. And to top it off, it smells delicious, with hints of citrusy orange and lemon mingled with white jasmine, rose, sandalwood and cedarwood.

Another great oil is the L’Occitane Body & Hair Fabulous Oil With 5% Shea Oil. This multi-tasking product is so gentle that it can be used with great results on both your hair and body.

Replete with shea and castor oils, this wonder product penetrates easily without leaving behind a greasy residue. With a light scent, it softens skin and infuses hydration into needy strands.

Mask Damaged Hair With a Mask

Just like oils, masks are no longer just for faces. Hair masks have the ability to give your locks a salon-quality treatment at home with more intense benefits than your everyday products.

Be strategic in your application of these new wonders. By applying a mask before you shower, you give the product a chance to penetrate those wounded tresses. Once you turn the heat up, the steam from the water works its magic.

A good place to start is by choosing the highly popular Redken – All Soft Mega Megamask. That frizzy hair in your selfies becomes a thing of the past once your hair returns to better health. Its deep-penetrating formula infuses strands with moisture and helps hair stay manageable for up to three shampoos.

Cleanse With a Change

If you have been using the same shampoo for ages, it may be time for a switch. New formulations have been devised to be gentler on your hair while at the same time providing a superior cleansing ability to rid your hair of build-up and grime from everyday activities.

Redken’s All Soft Mega Shampoo pairs well with its high-achieving mask to soothingly clean without stripping your hair of its necessary oils. It excels with a balancing action that helps to hold in moisture while gifting you with higher amounts of control, especially on thicker heads of hair.

Another great choice is Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo Three which helps to get rid of all the pesky damage caused by chlorinated water and too many styling products. It strengthens hair at the same time as it gives you a really thorough cleaning and purifies your scalp.

Make It Moisturizing

The key to retaining hydration in hair is to use an effective conditioner each time after you shampoo. This helps lock in moisture, which makes the hair look healthier and behave better.

Malibu C’s Rehydr8 has many fans due to its ability to counter harm left from over styling and coloring. Its vegan formulation works wonders on curly and straight hair alike. Less damage means more body, bounce and sleekness while giving you more ease in fixing your hair each day.

If you are looking for a little bit of bliss, you may want to try Surface Awaken Therapeutic Conditioner. This product pampers while helping to prevent damage and thinning. Just one minute of application each time you shampoo leaves a long-lasting impression.

After conditioning, you may want to follow up with something like AG Hair Care’s Remedy Apple Cider Vinegar Leave-In Mist to control and protect your strands. Rather than using harmful chemicals, this product is 98% plant-derived and aimed at imparting shine and softness to your tresses.

Shop at LaLa Daisy Today

Get ready to look great in all of those upcoming holiday photos by getting your hair in its top shape. Adopt a new hair care routine now that gives as much attention to your tresses as your skin care practice gives to your face. Healthy, natural products free from damaging chemicals are the best way to achieve the hair wellness that you desire.

By using the 20% off discount code blackfridayspecial offered at our Black Friday Sale, LaLa Daisy makes it easy on your wallet so you can stock up on top-notch products. And while you are at it, consider gifting some of these treats to your loved ones. After all, you want them to look great in photos, too.

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