Keeping Your Skin Protected and Nourished All Winter Long

Keeping Your Skin Protected and Nourished All Winter Long

Winter is the season for skiing, snowboarding, and sledding or just staying inside cozy next to the fire. Even if you live far away from the traditional winter wonderland, this time of year can present certain challenges to your skin. Wintertime can be considerably drier than other times of the year, which can mean that your normal skin care routine just does not deliver the kind of results you need. You can count on LaLa Daisy to provide a great selection of winter skin care bath products to keep your skin soft and supple all season long. The best skin care routine in winter is one that emphasizes moisture and healing. Remember, we offer free shipping and a wide variety of top quality products at deep discount.

Caring for Your Face

Delicate facial skin is especially vulnerable to winter dryness. Moisturizing morning and evening after washing may not be enough to correct this problem. You might even start thinking about carrying your moisturizer along with you for emergency applications throughout the day!

Instead of going to this length, consider using a high quality facial oil such as IMAGE Vital-C Hydrating Facial Oil, instead. This great facial oil from IMAGE Skincare has been formulated from potent ingredients such as:

  • Avocado seed oil
  • Vitamin C
  • Sea buckthorn seed oil
  • Grape seed oil
  • Natural antioxidants

Image Vital-C Oil

This potent combination delivers a broad range of nutrients directly to your skin. You will feel immediately refreshed.

Caring for Your Body

Does the skin on your hands feel tight and itchy? Are your toes and heels looking scaly? If so, then your go-to body lotion is not delivering the full quantity of moisture that your skin needs to stay completely healthy. Consider reaching for a body lotion richer in moisture or making moisturizing part of your daily showering.

Moisturizing during a shower is actually a sound practice to adopt. Regular soap has a tendency to dry skin out following a bath or shower, so moisture has to be put back in. This winter, skip the bar of soap and reach for a moisturizing body wash such as Davines OI Body Wash instead. This will give you a head start on post-shower moisturizing, too.

Body polish is another great option to use. REN Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish is a perfect choice. Made with real cane sugar, this polish soothes skin from head to toe and helps scrub away dry skin besides. Dry skin is cared for while a fresh layer of moisture is delivered right where it is needed most.

REN Morroccan Otto

Your normal body wash may not be up to the task of soothing dried out winter skin. Choosing a body wash made with extra moisturizing ingredients is a good choice at this time of year. Men and women alike can find great body wash products directly from LaLa Daisy.

Sun Protection for Wintertime Recreation

Sun protection is an important consideration during the summer but many people do not realize that skin needs protecting from sunlight even during the winter. In snowy climates the sun reflects off ice and snow to shine brightly on your face and hands. Furthermore, even though the temperature is low you can still get a sunburn; this is especially true of high altitudes. This is why skiers and snowboarders often sport bright red sunburns even in the middle of winter. Even if you are not hitting this slopes this season, you should protect your skin from excessive sun exposure.

Halt sun damage in its tracks with the help of an SPF primer. This is a great option for wintertime use as it will not dry the skin. The primer gives you a perfect shield with SPF 30. Use the primer alone or in combination with your favorite makeup.

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LaLa Daisy is here to help your skin stay baby smooth and wrinkle-free all year long. Protect yourself from sun and give your skin the hydration it needs with the help of these and other top quality products.

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