More Than Makeup

More Than Makeup

More Than Makeup

Makeup can be a girl’s best friend. A fresh face of makeup can be such a confidence boost, and trying new makeup trends and options can be a really fun way to show your individuality.

However, if your makeup has long term negative effects, toss it out. There are so many products that will give you amazing benefits each time you use them. When it’s healthier for your skin to be wearing makeup than not wearing any at all, you know you have the right products.

Let your makeup improve your skin health. Depending on the types of skin benefits that are most important to you, you can choose products that work well for the look you’re going for as well as giving you added benefits from the ingredients and formula. Here are some of our favorite benefits that you can find in makeup selections.

Rich in Antioxidants

Products rich in antioxidants are crucial to the health of your skin. Did you know that antioxidants actually fight off free-radicals, which cause wrinkles and premature aging to your face? Finding products packed with antioxidants will keep you looking younger and help your skin stay youthful.

You can find antioxidants in many beauty products. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Primer – Glo Skin Beauty Face Primer is the perfect way to prep your face for applying makeup. It’s silky and includes a lot of antioxidants including vitamins A, C, and E as well as green tea extract. 
  • CC Cream – if you are going to be using a color-correcting cream, or any base layer for that matter, finding one full of antioxidants is key. Peter Thomas Roth Skin To Die For CC cream contains vitamin E so you’ll be getting lots of antioxidants in your first layer of makeup. 

Peter Thomas Roth

  • Lip Gloss – Antioxidants for the lips is something you never want to say no to. Your lips are exposed to a lot so it’s important to take the best care of them possible, without sacrificing when you want to add some lip color or a gloss for a night out. Glo Skin Beauty is at it again with their Lip Gloss. It not only gives you a great look in a variety of colors, but it also contains vitamins to nourish your lips at the same time. 
  • Pressed Foundation – Did you know you can even find antioxidants in some foundations? Colorescience Finish Pressed Foundation is a perfect option for finding a product to put on your skin that can also reduce the signs of aging. 


Mineral Based

Makeup in the past was created from a lot of chemicals and unnatural products. Luckily makeup companies today have found ways to formulate amazing makeup products with natural ingredients that benefit the skin. Mineral makeup is an all-natural solution that helps skin stay healthy and offers extra benefits like a natural sunscreen, anti-inflammatory properties, and reduction of irritation and redness.

If you’re looking for a natural product that is light on the skin and won’t damage it, Jane Iredale is a great brand with lots of mineral-based products. Here are some of the products this brand offers that are infused with minerals that will nourish your complexion.

  • Glow Time Full Coverage BB5 Cream – The natural ingredients in this cream are awesome for evening skin tone, giving the face proper hydration, and soothing sensitive skin. 

Jane Iredale

  • Loose Mineral Foundation – This is a mineral-based powder foundation that will smooth and even your complexion. It’s formulated with micronized minerals so it’s an all-natural product. 
  • Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals A Foundation – Another power-packed product full of micronized minerals that will keep your skin looking great. 

Youngblood is also another great option for mineral-based products. These are created with 100% minerals, so you know that everything you are putting on your face is good for it.

  • Youngblood Pressed Mineral Foundation – 100% pure luxurious minerals make up this foundation. This is the perfect product if you like a pressed powder foundation. It can be worn as a concealer or alone and has great coverage. 
  • Youngblood Crushed Mineral Blush – Not only can you find foundation that is 100% minerals, but there are also blush options like this one. This blush is made of pigmented minerals that give you a perfect, healthy glow. 


Sun Care

One of the most important ways to take care of your skin is by protecting it from the sun. There’s been so much research and education in the last few years on the amount of damage that the sun has on your skin that cosmetic companies have pushed to improve the sun protection offered by their products. A lot of makeup will have SPF in it and there are easy, convenient ways to apply additional sun protection throughout the day.

A powder sunscreen is an amazing option for freshening up your sunscreen without reapplying an entire face of makeup. You can simply brush it on over your makeup and you’re good to go. One of our favorites is the Jane Iredale Powder-Me SPF Dry Sunscreen. Make sure you add this to your lineup of items to carry in your purse and on the go!

Another great way to incorporate sunscreen into your makeup regiment is to use products you are already using that have SPF built-in. When you put on moisturizer, make sure it has SPF. When you use a favorite BB or CC cream, find one with an SPF that will give you the coverage you need. Even blush and lip gloss will have sunscreen in them if you find the right products. Here are some of our favorite options:

Bobbi Brown

Oil Free, Fragrance Free, Paraben Free

You’ll hear these terms a lot. Oil Free, Fragrance Free, Paraben Free. But why is this so important in skin care and makeup products? Each of these can be harmful to the skin so we’ve broken each one down to help explain why these are important terms to look for on your beauty care items.

Oil Free

For those who have sensitive skin or acne issues, oil-free products are crucial. Excess oil can lead to breakouts and blemishes. Oil-free products are generally helpful to everyone unless you have a specific skin condition that is soothed by oil-based products. Remember that to hydrate your skin, you want to use a moisturizer rather than an oil.

Fragrance Free

Fragrance can also cause irritation to your skin. It’s helpful to find products that don’t contain any sort of fragrance, natural or synthetic, so that your skin is safe from reactions it may have to a fragrance. You may not even notice any irritation while using a product that has fragrance added to it. Some of the damage these ingredients can cause are under the surface and don’t show up until later in life.


What are parabens and why are they so bad? A paraben is a type of preservative used to prolong shelf life in beauty products. They can prevent mold and bacteria from growing within them over time. Parabens are believed to cause issues with your hormone function. They can mimic the hormone oestrogen. Oestrogen is known to trigger an increase in breast cell division and can enhance the likelihood of tumors growing. You can quickly see why we want to swear off parabens as much as we possibly can to keep ourselves as healthy as we can.

Look for paraben-free labels. If your label doesn’t show that the product is paraben-free, check the ingredients for the terms butylparaben, methylparaben, and propylparaben. Those are the most common paraben names that you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

Lash Conditioning 

One way to get the very most out of the mascara you are using it to find a mascara that has added benefits to it. Products like Glo Skin Beauty Lash Lengthening Mascara can not only give you the pronounced, long lashes you’re going for in your makeup application, but they can also help work behind the scenes to give your lashes extra benefits. This particular mascara contains antioxidants just as we talked about earlier and also has a formula of vitamins and minerals inside the mascara that helps your lashes grow naturally.

Glo Skin Beauty

Lip Care

Sure, we all love to put on a good lip color. Unfortunately, a lot of the time those lipsticks dry out the lips and don’t help keep them feeling healthy and moisturized. Finding a lip color that can both provide a bold, colorful lip with the hydration and vitamins that your lips need gives you the best of both worlds.

Colorescience created a line of lip shine that has a high SPF to help keep your lips protected from the sun. The lip shine is also pigmented with minerals so it gives you a healthy color while it provides nourishment to your lips as well. The lip shine is offered in many different colors. One of our favorites is Colorescience Sunforgettable Lip Shine in Rose.

It’s always important to also have a good lip balm on hand that will give you real nourishment and not just a quick fix as some waxy chapsticks do. One of our favorites for these benefits is Epionce Anti-Aging Lip Renewal. This will leave your lips feeling soft and smooth while they are getting high-quality ingredients that will give long-term antiaging benefits.

Benefits Galore

You can see from this list that it’s pretty amazing that the days when women paid a price for beauty in terms of clogged pores and early aging are behind us. There are many products that are formulated specifically for the benefits that they can provide while being worn. Pure ingredients, minerals, reduced irritation, and many other benefits have come out of the move toward makeup and skin care being meshed together to provide the best benefits for our skin.

Some of the most popular buzzwords and benefits that makeup can offer are:

  • Antioxidants
  • Minerals
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • All Natural
  • Paraben Free
  • Organic

You will find products with all of these benefits and many more at LaLa Daisy. At LaLa Daisy, we specialize in products that are high in quality, yet low in price. You’ll find those makeup items that will improve the quality and look of your skin each time you use them. From mineral products to products that will nourish your skin while making it look great, find everything you need at LaLa Daisy!

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