Spotlight on IMAGE Skincare: When Science Meets Beauty

Spotlight on IMAGE Skincare: When Science Meets Beauty

When it comes to your skin, you want to know you are using products that take advantage of the latest developments in skincare to bring you innovation and results. Because the eye area is particularly prone to showing signs of aging, people will always be searching for the best anti-aging eye cream.

IMAGE Skincare is a brand devoted to revolutionizing the skincare industry by bringing you the best anti-aging products. Not only eye cream, but also specialized formulas designed to target other areas of your skin as well.  

Look and Feel Younger With the IMAGE Ageless Line

From anti-aging serum that utilizes time-release technology to ensure your skin is protected all day from free radicals, to a resurfacing masque with triple-action exfoliation, this line of products from IMAGE can reverse the signs of aging skin.

Image Ageless anti-aging serum

The Pure Hyaluronic Filler from this line can strengthen your skin and give it a plumper, more even look after just one application, using a special combination of vitamins and oils. The Ageless Facial Cleanser combines ingredients that are powerful enough to get rid of all makeup, unwanted oils and dirt on your skin, yet gentle enough for those with sensitive skin.

Use the IMAGE Ormedic Line to Balance and Restore Your Skin

By bringing together pure organic ingredients and anti-aging vitamins, the products in this line are revolutionary in their ability to deliver clinical quality results without harsh chemicals, acids or parabens. Powerful antioxidants and botanicals are combined with other organic ingredients to bring your skin back to life.

The Balancing Eye Lift Gel can be used alongside the best anti-aging eye cream for even more dramatic results. Designed to heal and repair the skin around your eyes that is sensitive, and tends to wrinkle and sag, this product can also reduce the appearance of dark circles.

IMAGE The Max Line can Defend and Repair Your Skin

The most recent technology in skincare from IMAGE involves using plant-derived stem cells blended with neuropeptides to repair existing damage at the cellular level, and to strengthen your skin’s natural defenses. It is particularly effective against oxidative stress and sun damage.

The alpine plant cells built into The Max Stem Cell Crème make it a revolutionary and advanced product, unlike anything else on the market. It promotes collagen rejuvenation and contains zero chemical preservatives, to allow your skin to heal naturally.

Image Stem Cell Creme

Get the Ultimate in Nutrition for Your Skin With the IMAGE Vital C Line

If your skin is dry or dehydrated, sensitive or prone to conditions like rosacea, the Vital C line of products can work wonders for you. Rich in antioxidants, the natural botanicals in this line can counteract the effects of harsh environmental stressors.

Use the Hydrating Enzyme Masque to remove surface skin that is dead, dry or dull and nourish the new skin underneath with vitamins A, C and E for a healthy glow. Another excellent product for the sensitive skin around your eyes is the Hydrating Eye Recovery Gel that is packed with antioxidants for instant hydration.

Image Vital C Hydrating eye recovery gel

Regardless of your age or skin type, IMAGE has many products that can work for you and LaLa Daisy is proud to bring them to you at amazing prices. We think everyone deserves to get the best beauty products available, so we provide them for you at up to 60 percent off what you would pay at a retail store.

Whether you’re looking for a good deal on your favorite products, or want to try out some of the current trends in beauty and skincare, LaLa Daisy is the place to shop! To order IMAGE products, or to check out more of the incredible things we carry, visit our website today!

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