Top Skin Care Products to Beat Late-Winter Dryness

Top Skin Care Products to Beat Late-Winter Dryness

If you are serious about your skin care routine, then you know how important it is to rotate products so that your moisturizer and skin therapy choices reflect both your current goals and the demands of the season. That means knowing when it is important to change things up, and one way to keep track of that is to keep your selections changing with the season. This is why the top skin care products change from season to season.

Charting Seasonal Differences

Your goals for moisture therapy should be different at different times of year. For example, during the summer, lightweight products that absorb easily and quickly without leaving a residue and the key to making sure that your skin takes the moisture in before the cream has a chance to wash off. The lightweight formulas in summer moisturizers also help keep you cool with their thinner, more easily absorbed formulas.

In winter, it is important to have a heavier-duty formula, because you need a moisturizer that will absorb over time, providing you with long-lasting protection. The best skin care products for winter include thicker creams for more than just their longevity, though. The extra layer of protection on your skin can also help reduce the effects of dry air, especially when you are dealing with the kind of moisture sapping that can happen when winter winds hit exposed skin.

Choosing Your Moisturizer for Late Winter

When February rolls around, it’s not enough just to go for a thicker moisturizer than you do during the rest of the year. You need to find the therapies that will not only stand up to the kind of demands that late-winter winds will put on them, you need to find the formulas that will be able to hold the line, providing protection and rejuvenation for skin that has now faced months of colder, drier air. Here are the top skin care products for the task from the Lala Daisy store:

All of these selections have been chosen for both their power and their consistency, because they provide the long-term nourishment needed to keep skin healthy even when you are faced with months of dry, cold conditions that accompany the deep winter freeze. They also work well to bridge the gap during cold snaps if you are caught in an ever-changing weather landscape, so keeping them in rotation is always a great idea.

Your Lala Daisy Shopping Experience

Having the best selection of top skin care products is just the first way that we work to ensure all of our customers have a satisfying shopping experience. When you order through the online store, you also have the protection of the returns policy and the knowledge that each product you order has been curated to make sure you are choosing from some of the best skin care products in the world every time you order. That way, you know that you can shop with confidence.

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