What You Need to Know About Facial Firming Cream

What You Need to Know About Facial Firming Cream

It’s not a big secret in the beauty world that there are a number of great ways to reduce the signs of aging, but unfortunately, facial firming cream options don’t always contain them! That’s why it is important to know what ingredients work well to accomplish the goals you have set for your skin care routine. The first step to being sure that your routine is comprehensive enough to get the results you want is understanding how to pick the best facial cream for those goals.

Firming vs. Anti-Aging

The first thing you need to understand is that there’s a difference between anti-aging ingredients and firming ingredients. When you look for anti-aging products, you are likely to find a variety of products that also have firming qualities and some that are simply designed for color correction, blemish control, and skin lightening. These are all great goals if you have them, but if you are looking to increase skin tightness, bounce, firmness, and to moisturize it for better texture, then anti-aging creams are not necessarily going to accomplish all your goals on their own. That’s why you need to know which ingredients will accomplish your total skin care goal and which are known for other anti-aging properties.

Active Ingredients for Firming Skin

There are a few things that can really help, and if you can find them all in one facial firming cream, you’ll really be streamlining your process. Otherwise, you might need more than one product to accomplish your goals.

  • Retinol, also known as vitamin A1, is integral to the process of healing your skin. It helps with moisture, which also helps with fullness and bounce, but it also lightens blemishes and fights sun damage.
  • Salicyclic and glycolic acids in leave-on exfoliants can also help, because they tighten the skin and contribute to “bounce.” They’re not often found in your facial firming cream, but if you use them to supplement the cream, they can provide exfoliation and support for your anti-aging goals.
  • Niacinamide is also important, because like retinol, it is able to provide several rejuvenating effects at one, helping the skin to be both more moisturized and firmer.
  • Other antioxidant ingredients also help, because antioxidants generally work to rejuvenate and preserve your skin, but not all of them work best topically. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is one that does help a lot, though, so look for it.

Firming Cream Options

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