Why Prime?

Why Prime?

Have you been wondering why your makeup does not seem as fresh or smooth as that of the celebrities and bloggers you follow on social media? Granted, they probably have a team of experts devoted to their appearance, but chances are good they also have primer on to make their skin luminescent and their makeup perfect.

If you are not using makeup primer, you are missing out because it can make a world of difference for your look. Whether you keep it natural or go full-on glamour, primer is where you should start. Here is the down-low on why primer first is the key to a fabulous finish.

All About the Base

You may be thinking that foundation is the base, so why go the extra step with primer? You may also know that most foundations are no match for a long day full of shine, oil, sun exposure, and other environmental pollutants.

Makeup primer like theBalm Time Blam Face Primer under your foundation gives it something to stick to, but it also creates a barrier to lock in moisture against your skin and prevent your natural oil from causing your foundation to run.

Thebalm Face primer

Think of it this way: painters use primers for colored paint to stick better to walls and look smooth. Same thing, but on your face. Primer can help smooth out fine lines, enlarged pores, and uneven patches that plague everyone now and then.

You’re Hot and You’re Cold

Extreme temperatures, from dry and bitter cold to hot and humid, can make your makeup run and fade. Primer keeps your makeup in place and helps it outlast the weather conditions. You get a long-lasting look at any temperature.

Something for Everyone

Primer is suitable for any skin type, but you may need to try several to see what you like or to create different effects. You can find primer in powder, gel, or cream; there is even eyeshadow primer such as PUR Hydragel Lift Eye Perfecting Primer to prevent creases on your eyelids, eyelash primer to stop mascara from running and flaking, and lip primer to keep your pucker pretty for hours.

Pur Hydragel

Here are some suggestions to help you decide:

  • Oily skin – try a matte primer to reduce shine
  • Dry skin – hydrating primer can lock in moisture
  • Dull skin – go for an illuminating primer or a pale pink for a healthy glow
  • Red skin – color-correcting green primer can combat redness
  • Sallow skin – opt for a lilac-hued primer to brighten your skin tone

A Little Dab’ll Do You

Primer is easy to use and doesn’t require any special brushes or sponges. Just use a small amount and rub it into your skin with your fingertips. Be gentle on the delicate skin around your eyes and on your eyelids when you use an eyeshadow primer.

You can use primer on top of any serums, moisturizers, and sunscreen, so it is super easy to incorporate into your skincare and makeup routine.

Now that you know the secret to smooth and long-lasting makeup, check out LaLa Daisy’s fabulous selection of makeup primer. You can find the brands you love at prices that will make you blush, and as always, shipping is free with orders over $35.

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