Why You Should Try Mineral Beauty Products

Why You Should Try Mineral Beauty Products

You’ve probably noticed the fairly recent upswing in popularity of mineral beauty products for the face, hair and body. Lots of brands carry mineral products, but this isn’t just a fad. Mineral products can make your hair and skin look outstanding, and people with acne-prone, sensitive and easily irritated skin will be happy to know that mineral products are a great choice for their skin type. At LaLa Daisy, we have plenty of mineral products to help you stock your beauty product cabinet with, and you’ll love the affordable prices on these top-quality products. Learn more about why mineral options are some of the best skin care products for women, and considering going natural with your skincare.                                                                                                             


Mineral Makeup is Great for Sensitive Skin


People with sensitive skin often have trouble finding products of all types, from blush to moisturizer to foundation, that react well with their skin and don’t cause irritation or breakouts. The way sensitive skin responds to mineral makeup is exactly why many people with this skin type swear by mineral makeup to give them the great coverage and color of makeup without the next-day breakouts that make you regret trying a new product. Lots of makeup contains minerals, but traditional makeup may also contain fillers and ingredients that don’t agree with everyone’s skin. Many mineral makeup brands however, don’t contain these ingredients and therefore provide a gentler way to improve the look of your skin.


Mineral Makeup is Often More Natural Than Traditional Makeup


Many people who are looking to use more natural products with fewer chemicals and ingredients may choose to switch to mineral products to help them accomplish this goal. Companies like Mineral Fusion, whose products we carry on LaLa Daisy, don’t use ingredients like parabens and artificial colors and instead aim to provide products that result in healthy, gorgeous skin. Skin care can be as natural as it is effective, and mineral products prove this.

Two of our most popular mineral eyeshadow products are Youngblood Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow Eternity and Youngblood Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow Vintage. 

Mineral Products Provide a Beautiful, Natural Finish


We’ve talked about how mineral skin products are healthy for your skin and often gentler to it, but don’t forget that great makeup should also give you the look you want and provide you with a smooth, flawless finish and the right colors to match your skin tone. You can buy a variety of mineral makeup products, including bronzer, pressed and loose powder, and eye shadow, from LaLa Daisy. For a multi-purpose color enhancer, try the 3-in-1 Color stick from Mineral Fusion that gives your lips, cheeks and eyelids a naturally beautiful glow and a hint of shimmer.


They’re Also Great for Your Hair


You can use mineral products for more than just your skin. We carry mineral products for your hair as well. Try the mineral treatment products from Saphira and benefit from the moisturizing and nourishing dead sea minerals contained in them.


Everyone wants beautiful, healthy skin and hair. Mineral products can help you achieve this with fewer chemicals and possibly irritating ingredients. Take a step toward more natural beauty with LaLa Daisy’s catalog of top-notch, affordably priced mineral makeup, hair treatments and some of the best skin care products for women.


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