Your Guide to Care for Color Corrected Hair

Your Guide to Care for Color Corrected Hair

Hair coloring and dyeing is a popular stylistic choice, with some 70 percent of American women now saying that they color their hair regularly. Whether you are looking for color corrected hair that preserves your best and healthiest natural hair color with the highlights it has always had or you’re looking to bring a vibrant, playful new color to your everyday style, color treatment can be hard on hair. That’s why it is important to understand how to properly care for your hair before you begin coloring it. Here is how you can put together a routine that supports your hair and keeps its colors vibrant between color treatments.


  1. Color Depends on Conditioning


Very few hair coloring treatments are absolutely permanent, but the amount of time it takes for them to begin to fade depends a lot on how healthy and well-supported your hair is to begin with. If you are planning on coloring it and keeping it colored, then you will want to prepare the way by finding a good conditioner that supports your hair’s health by repairing damage and adding moisture. If you start with one that is also designed to support color corrected hair, you won’t even have to worry about finding a new choice once you do start coloring. We have many great conditioners for color-treated hair and one of our top collections is Unite.


  1. Make Sure to Use High Quality Coloring Products


You probably already know how important high quality hair care is, but a lot of people lose track of the fact that their choice of hair coloring products is just as important as the support and treatment care that they rely on to preserve the colors. If you make sure your stylist uses only the highest quality color treatments, then it will be a lot easier to keep that color vibrant in between treatments.


  1. Say It Out Loud: All Natural, Color Safe


Whether you have already started to move into all natural shampoos or not, now is the time. Not only are all natural shampoos one of the easiest ways to avoid sulfates, which can cause scalp dryness and irritation, they also help to promote healthy, well-moisturized hair, so they are generally less harsh for color corrected hair. Prive is one example of the kind of shampoo you want to be looking for that is known for its safety for colored hair, and the company also happens to be the maker of the color safe conditioner recommended above. Another great color safe choice is Keratin Complex Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner.


  1. Manage Your Hair Cleaning Routine


Remember, you shouldn’t shampoo for at least 2 days after a coloring, and it is important to shampoo less frequently while your hair is color treated to get the most out of the effect. That means it will be more important to use the products that support hair health and to avoid over-using styling products that can build up and require more frequent washings.


For more ideas about how to protect your color corrected hair, check out the rest of our color safe shampoos and conditioners.

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