2018 Makeup Trends and the Products You’ll Love

2018 Makeup Trends and the Products You’ll Love

2017 was the year of the glow up. 2018 just wants you to glow. From golden hues to dewy skin, check out these 2018 makeup trends and the products you’ll need to make them happen.

Get That Golden Glow

What better way to start your own glow by incorporating a little gold into your makeup routine? This vibrant shade adds just enough glam to your everyday look but is also perfect for going all out when you’re spending a night on the town. Try highlighting sticks or powders if you feel brave, or if you prefer something subtler, aim for a golden-hued eyeshadow.

Wake Up Your Inner Eyes

Okay, so this one has been around a while, but it’s so good that it’s easy to see why it’s still considered a trend. Using carefully placed pigment in white or another very light shade on the inner corner of your eyes naturally brightens them and makes you look more awake. You can even make the trend your own by using pops of color like orange or electric blue.

Go Bright Under the Eyes

Who says bold colors are only for your eyelids? Celebrities across the board have been popping up with bright liners under the eyes, and the trend is expected to continue throughout 2018. Simply smudge your favorite bright shade under your lash line and use a black mascara such as Babe Lash Volumizing Mascara to complete the look.

Babe lash Volumizing Mascara

Make Your Lashes Spidery

If you remember Twiggy, supermodel of the ’60s, you know all about spider-like lashes. They’re making a comeback in 2018. Pair this bold eye look with natural eyeshadow, lipstick and foundation to get the most out of the look.

Glam It Up With Glitter Everything

From hair to lips, cheeks to eyes, and everything between, glitter is here to stay. Use a bit in your hair or on your cheeks for a subtle sparkle, or if you prefer something truly glamorous, apply sparkle all over your eyelids. Remember to use a glitter primer to keep the look smooth all day and night.

Use Masks to Get the Skin You Dream Of

Masks are all the rage these days. From hair restoration to creating healthier skin, you can find one for nearly any need these days. Try an oat and milk mask to revitalize and moisturize skin or the Saphira Devine Mineral Mud Hair Mask Deep Conditioner to keep your tresses soft and manageable.

Don’t Be Afraid of Gender-Neutral Products

Beauty and hygiene products aren’t just for women. One of the biggest new makeup trends is seeing men wearing more makeup and using more beauty products. If you’re a man and a bit nervous about breaking out the foundation or mascara, consider starting small. This Keratin Complex Volumizing Dry Shampoo Lift Powder is a unisex product that will leave your hair looking sexy and stylish no matter its length.

Keratin Complex Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Stop the Contouring

If you are one of probably millions who never quite got the hang of contouring, you’ll be glad to know the trend is on its way out and is being replaced with water weight foundations. Light foundations put a focus back on natural-looking skin that looks fresh, dewy and beautiful. Of course, if you prefer the look of contour, the great thing about beauty is you can do what makes you feel comfortable.

Feel Pretty in Purple

When it comes to colors, gold isn’t the only one making its way from the runways to the roadways. Purple is everywhere. From deep hues to pastel shades, you’ll find the color in everyone’s hair, on their eyelids and even on their lips. Try a subtle hint by adding some violet shimmer to your inner eyes, or go bold with a royal purple matte lipstick.

Slipping Into Sunscreen

It seems people are finally realizing just how damaging the sun can be, and more of them are turning to using sunscreen products every day. Apply it by itself before putting on your makeup, or if you prefer, find products like foundation or lipstick that come infused with sunscreen. No matter how you prefer to apply it, the important thing is that you do.

Look Light and Natural

While bold colors, glitter and spider lashes are sure to pop up for nights out on the town, everyday makeup trends for the year are leaning toward all-natural. This is music to the ears of people everywhere who are chronically late or just hate getting ready in the morning. Skip the primers and potions, and instead swipe on a sheer foundation, a single coat of mascara and a lightly stained lip gloss. You’ll look healthy and pulled together.

Of course, the latest makeup trends only matter if that’s what you’re into. No matter what you prefer, LaLa Daisy has the products you need to feel healthy and beautiful any time of the year.

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