5 Simple Long Hairstyles

Portrait of woman with beautiful long hair.

If you feel like you have been wearing your long hair the same way for way too long, do not fret. Our 5 simple long hairstyles can bring new life to your hair in five minutes.

The Va-Voom Pony – Simple Long Hairstyle That Adds Volume

When you want to elevate your everyday ponytail to the next level, do it by adding some volume for this simple long hairstyle. This can be easily accomplished when you start off with a dry shampoo like AG Simply Dry Shampoo, which uses rice and tapioca starches to give a little lift. Whether you start off with clean hair or slightly dirty, begin by spraying your roots.

Simple Long hairstyles by using AG Simply Dry Shampoo,

Then, tease several times with a comb, starting at the crown of your head and moving forward until you have your desired height. Finally, carefully smooth your hair into a pony tail at your crown before securing with an elastic.

The Off-Center Chignon – A Funky Simple Long Hairstyle

For the next simple long hairstyle bring the traditional knot at the nape of your neck into the 2020s by adding a little funk to the style. Gather your hair to one side and secure with an elastic at your neck. Then twist it into a low bun before tucking the ends back into the elastic. Adjust your hair with your fingers until you have the shape you want, and then secure with Pravana Super Shape Hair Spray so it stays in place.

simple hairstyle for long hair using Pravana Super Shape Hair Spray

The Happy Half-Up – Another Great Simple Long Hairstyle

Neither a pony nor regular long hair, the half-up is a combination of both. Begin this simple long hairstyle by giving a little texture to your hair with the help of Rusk Blofoam Texturizer and Root Lifter. Then leave a wisp on each side of your part before separating hair from temple to temple and securing with a hair elastic. Make a hole in this mini-pony with your fingers and slip the hanging part of the pony through this hole. Play with your hair a bit until it falls neatly into place.

 Rusk Blofoam Texturizer and Root Lifter

The Twizzled Topknot – Use Dry Shampoo For This Simple Long Hairstyle

This is another one of those simple long hairstyles that works best after using dry shampoo, so pump your locks with EVO Water Killer Dry Shampoo at the start. Make a ponytail high atop your head. Then, twist, twist, twist until your long hair starts circling itself into a bun. Secure with an elastic or if you prefer, with bobby pins.

EVO Water Killer Dry Shampoo

The Half-Knot Headband – A Simple Long Hairstyle With Volume

When you can’t make up your mind, shout your indecision to the world. Add some volume to your tresses with Unite Hair Boosta Spray Volumizing Spray and then tease the top of your hair until you achieve some height. To finish this simple hairstyle gather hair from ear to ear into a half-pony and secure with an elastic that matches your hair color.

Unite Hair Boosta Spray Volumizing Spray

Then, take a narrow ribbon or skinny leather cord and place it at the top of your hairline, tying it down at the nape of your neck on top of your hair. While holding the ribbon, carefully pull the half-pony a little bit out of the ribbon so it hangs above.

Want 5 More Simple Long Hairstyles? Check out this video:

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