Scalp Care – Start At The Root

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Healthy and happy hair starts at the root which means the way you care for your scalp matters. Here is how scalp care supports the health of your hair.

Scrub the Scalp

When we are thinking about the best steps for hair care, we often give little thought to scalp care. However, when you stop and think about it, that is where we should begin.

Just like skin cells need to be exfoliated on your face, scalp exfoliation is vital to get rid of scalp buildup such as dandruff and dead skin cells. This allows your hair’s natural oils to penetrate the strands, keeping your hair healthy and shiny.

A gentle scrubbing with your fingertips goes a long way towards getting rid of the extra dead tissue on your scalp. Using Unite Hair Weekender Shampoo Clarifying assists with that buildup removal. With mandarin and orange, this shampoo tenderly clears the unwanted matter from your hair and scalp while nourishing to give you lush, healthy locks.

scalp care is easy with Unite Hair Weekender Shampoo

Water temperature is important for proper scalp care. Be sure to check your water temperature while shampooing. Too-hot water strips your natural oils from your scalp, whereas warm water preserves your necessary moisture.

Follow this with a couple of pumps from Unite Hair Luxury Pearl & Honey Conditioner. This salon-quality product contains luxurious ingredients that coat and infuse moisture into the hair, such as:

  • Pure argan oil
  • Crushed pearl
  • Hawaiian white ginger
  • Shea butter
  • Lemon fruit extract

Enhance With Extras

Sometimes, just washing and conditioning is not enough. You may feel that you need to add a treatment here or there to be certain you are doing all you can in terms of the best scalp care.

First, be sure to brush your hair on a consistent basis with a high-quality hair brush. This serves multiple purposes in your hair care routine.

Sebaceous glands in your scalp generate oil which coats your scalp. Brushing your hair disperses the oil down to the ends, removing some of it from the scalp and giving protection and shine to your hair. Plus, brushing detangles any knots and removes hair that has come loose. After all, on average people lose between 50 and 100 hairs each day.

The best hair brushes come from Mason Pearson, a British company that has been making hairbrushes for over 150 years. The Mason Pearson Pocket Mixture Hair Brush nestles superior grade boar-bristles in a soft cushion to gently caress and massage your scalp. It smoothly distributes your scalp’s oils from roots to ends and leaves you with glorious shine.

scalp care is enhanced with the Mason Pearson Pocket Mixture Hair Brush

If you find that you need even more scalp exfoliating, get ahold of R+Co Crown Scalp Scrub, which uses a clay called kaolin, along with salicylic acid, to remove unwanted dead scalp cells and even dandruff flakes. Its mild formula infuses your scalp and hair with the wonderful scents of tangerine, eucalyptus, Sicilian lemon and green tea as it helps restore your head.

Another great product for those who suffer from scalp discomfort is Sachajuan Scalp Treatment, which captures the benefits of rosemary oil, menthol and ginger to clear and soothe irritation you may have. In fact, this treatment is the recipient of the Swedish Cosmetic and Beauty Award from the Swedish Cosmetic Industry.

Sachajuan Scalp Treatment, is important is caring for your scalp

Remember, developing a regular routine to care for your scalp helps it stay in good health. And when you are out in the sun, be sure not only to use sunscreen but also to apply it to your scalp, especially along the part.

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