Straight Hair

Natural Straight Hair – Style and Care

If you’ve been blessed with natural straight hair, you don’t automatically get a free pass on maintaining good hair care habits. While straight hair may seem simpler to clean, cut and style, it still takes the right approach and the right products to keep it fabulous. Make sure you understand the ins and outs of living with natural straight hair so you can keep your tresses looking their absolute best!


lala daisy flowerYour hair doesn’t necessarily have to be stick straight from root to tip in order to be classified as straight hair. Some natural waving or bending at the ends or towards the back can still occur without resulting in a label of “wavy” or “curly”.

The True You

Why is it important to know your true hair type? This classification system will help you determine the right techniques and products so you can work with your natural beauty instead of fighting against it. While it might take some getting used to, the end result will be significantly more good hair days plus a healthier scalp and strands to boot.

If you’re wondering how to determine your true hair type, start with a good cleansing wash and a gentle, lightweight conditioner. Rinse thoroughly, use a wide tooth comb to gently remove tangles and let your hair air dry. While it might not be optimally styled, the results can help you determine your hair’s true type and texture.

Understanding Straight Hair Types

Once you’ve successfully identified your natural straight hair, use photos and personal observations to help you determine the specific type and width. This can help you fine tune your product and style choices.


This type of hair is truly stick straight with no curls or bends of any kind. This straight hair type can be difficult to heat style since it will not hold a curl. It is usually fine in weight.


This straight hair type is one of the most common, with a bit more volume and some natural bends or waves here and there. 1b hair can be heat styled successfully. It often has a medium weight.


Hair that is labeled as 1c has even more volume, with more bends or waves occurring at the tips. It holds styles very effectively. This type has a more course weight.


Areas to Focus on

lala daisy flowerIt doesn’t take too much effort to make your straight hair look great. However, it can also come with its own set of issues that can make it look dull, limp and frizzy if you’re not careful to address them.

Add Volume

Straight hair has a tendency to lack body, so it can appear limp very easily. Utilize techniques and hair products for straight hair that increase volume for an added boost.

Control Oil

Your hair’s natural oils spread and settle more easily on straight hair. This can result in a flat and lifeless style that can also appear unhygienic. Develop healthy practices to keep oil production at controlled levels.

Stop Static and Frizz

While pretty much any hair type has to deal with frizz, straight hair is especially prone to static, which can result in unsightly flyaways. Keep your hair properly moisturized and always put some type of finishing product on your locks to keep these issues at bay.

Climate effects

lala daisy flowerSometimes, a good hair day comes down to the weather. Here’s how the temperature and humidity could impact your style decisions for the day.

Hot Weather

As with curly hair, humidity can lead to frizz in natural straight hair. Hotter temperatures can bump up oil and sweat production, giving your straight hair a greasy and flat look. Use products to keep hair light and fresh during this season.

Cold Weather

When the temperatures turn cold, you’re much more at risk for static and flyaways. While hats may be tempting, remember that they’ll only make matters worse when it’s time to take them off. Cold weather can also zap your hair of its moisture, leading to dry and brittle strands. Moisturize and protect with products that won’t lead to unwanted buildup.

Hair Care Routine

lala daisy flowerWhile the list of ways straight hair can go wrong may sound overwhelming, some good practices can set you up for truly gorgeous hair day after day. With the right hair products for straight hair, plus some good techniques and tools in your pocket, you’ll see how easy it is to love your locks.

Cleansing Tips

Straight hair can go flat when it’s weighed down with oil and product buildup. Wash your hair every other day to keep your hair fresh, vibrant and voluminous. The best shampoo for straight hair will be gentle enough to allow for more frequent wash sessions. Follow up with a lightweight conditioner to maintain healthy moisture levels.

Styling Tips

When you’re ready to set your signature style, follow these tips for the best results.

Brushing and Combing

A paddle brush is a straight-haired girl’s best friend; just make sure you only use it on dry hair to prevent stretching or breaking. Brush before showering to prevent extra tangles, and use a wide-tooth comb when hair is wet.

Blow Drying

When drying your hair, higher temperature settings are best at the roots, which can help activate volume-boosting products for extra lift and bounce. Protect your ends and set your style by finishing the rest on a cooler setting.

Heat Styling

Chances are, you turn to either a flat or curling iron to give your hair some extra style. Try to limit use to only once or twice a week and use a protecting spray first. Otherwise, you could be dealing with serious damage and breakage.

Finishing Products

Once every hair is in place, you’ll want to enhance and protect your look with the right products. Consider lightweight sprays to add texture or hold your style in place. A smoothing serum can help protect against frizz and flyaways.

Maintenance Tips

lala daisy flowerIn addition to your everyday routine, there are some important supplements you can add to your natural straight hair care regimen.


While frequent trims won’t necessarily make your hair grow any faster, they can help keep your ends healthy. It’s also helpful to see a stylist every six to eight weeks to help your style maintain its shape. This is especially true for fine, straight hair.

Moisturizing Treatments

You certainly don’t want to douse your strands in heavy moisturizers that will weigh them down on a daily basis. However, it’s good for your hair and scalp to enjoy some intense moisturizing treatments every week or so. Choose products that are made to be effective without deflating that much-needed volume at the root.

Lifestyle Choices

lala daisy flowerIt’s important to use the right hair products for straight hair, but caring for your tresses from the inside out can be just as important. Making healthy choices can help keep your hair looking its absolute best while improving strength and promoting new growth.


A diet rich in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants is great for every hair type, so fill you plate with plenty of fresh fruits, veggies and lean protein. Healthy oils like Omega-3’s and Vitamin E can be great for your skin, hair and nails, but too much oil consumption and production can contribute to an oily scalp. Limit supplements to lower doses to keep sebum production under control. Don’t forget to hydrate!

Stress Management

When you’re stressed, your body produces larger amount of a powerful hormone called cortisol. Too much can severely impact your health, leading to a host of unwanted side effects, including hair loss. Stay calm, practice self-care and find positive ways to reduce stress to keep your hair, body and mind healthy.

Hair Products to Use

lala daisy flowerThere are thousands of options when it comes to picking out hair products for straight hair. Choose the brands and scents you love, but check to be sure they offer the results that are designed with straight-haired beauties in mind. Keep these products on hand at all times so you’re ready from start to finish.

Sulfate-Free Shampoos

If you’re looking for the best shampoo for straight hair, start with sulfate-free options, since this ingredient is especially drying to your skin and follicles. Since you should be washing frequently, choose options that can effectively remove buildup but won’t strip your hair with frequent use.

Lightweight Conditioners

You need to keep your straight hair moisturized, but thick creamy formulas should be reserved for curly locks. Stick with conditioners that are lightweight and silky, so your hair stays healthy without going limp from buildup.

Dry Shampoo

On non-wash days, a dry shampoo can be a straight-haired girl’s best friend. Not only can it help refresh your hair and scalp, but it can add volume, reduce unwanted shine from oil and help your hair hold the desired style. Keep it with you on summer days for a quick pick-me-up.

Clarifying Shampoos

Buildup combats volume, which is a necessity for natural straight hair. Once a week, use a clarifying shampoo to remove the unwanted remnants of everyday styling. Be sure to follow up with a deep conditioning to keep hair moisturized.


A lightweight oil or serum can help keep straight hair healthy and shiny while making it easier to manage tangles. Rub a small amount through the ends of wet hair for a silky smooth finish.

Finishing Sprays

Hairspray isn’t just for setting your style, although most people with straight hair will need that extra hold. It’s also great for combating static, flyaways and frizz. Choose a flexible hold option for natural styles or try a shine mist for a glowing finish. Invest in a high-quality protectant for heat styling.

Hair Products to Avoid

lala daisy flowerNot all products are good for straight hair, so be sure to stay away from these options when shopping for your everyday arsenal.

Drying Shampoos or Heavy Cowashes

While the occasional clarifying treatment is great for straight hair, this type of shampoo should be used sparingly. Using a harsh shampoo on a regular basis can zap your hair of moisture and shine. On the contrary, a cowash may not contain the cleansing power that straight hair needs to add lift at the roots. Stick with a gentle, traditional shampoo for the best results.

Thick, Creamy Conditioners

Those luscious, pudding like moisturizers and conditioners may seem appealing, but they can totally weigh you down. Even if you rinse thoroughly, thick formulas coat strands and create a limp look on straight hair.

Heavy Styling Products

A light spray or serum is necessary to control frizz and add the right amount of style to your look. However, heavier products can give straight hair a matted or greasy look. Pomades, waxes and even finishing creams are a no-no. All of your finishing products should be super light, which can still be super effective.

Too Much Heat

If you finish every styling session with a curling iron or straightener, your ends will become damaged and brittle in no time. Hair breakage is a serious issue, so try to give your hair a break from heat styling every few days. Your strands will thank you!

Too Many Chemicals

Just like excess heat can strip and damage hair, the same is true for chemicals. Talk to a pro about which dyes are best for your hair type. Try to wait at least six to eight weeks between coloring sessions.

The Wrong Brushes for Your Hair

There are plenty of hairbrushes out there, many made with natural fibers or materials. Even though these options may sound healthy and appealing, tight, fibrous bristles can lead to static, stretching and breakage. Stick with a paddle brush and nylon bristles for regular brushing. Save round brushes for roots and heat styling only.

Being a natural straight-haired beauty is a breeze when you learn your hair type and understand how to care for it best. Investing in the right products makes all the difference, but it’s important to remember to invest in yourself too! Stick with a healthy routine and the proper techniques and you’ll be able to achieve that gorgeous, smooth look day and night.