How To Style Long Straight Hair

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Long straight hair lends itself to many classic looks and is fairly simple to take care of. With a thoughtful beauty regimen and the right cut, you can rock a gorgeous hairdo every day of the week. To get the hair you’ve been dreaming of, just follow these four steps.

1. Take Care of Your Hair

No matter how low-maintenance your hair is, you still need to take care of it. Without proper treatment, you can end up with split ends, an oily scalp or painful tangles.

Many factors affect hair behavior and health:

  • Humidity
  • Sun exposure
  • Chlorine exposure
  • Coloring
  • Hard water

To stay on top of your locks’ condition, take note of texture and frizz. If the strands feel rough or are untamable, they need a little TLC.

Keep It Clean

The good news is, long straight hair doesn’t dry out as easily as curls, so you have more freedom as far as washing goes. You should use shampoo frequently to prevent oil and product build-up. If you have to skip a day, you can use a dry shampoo to keep your hair from looking greasy.

Trim the Ends

You understandably don’t want to lose length, but getting regular trims is essential to keeping your hair healthy. Even with regular care, ends tend to get dry and brittle since they’re so far from the oil-producing scalp. Snipping off an inch or two every six weeks eliminates split ends, keeping your hair looking and feeling great.

2. Get the Right Tools

IGK's CryBaby Anti-Frizz Smoothing Serum

Hair across the texture spectrum responds differently to various types of styling tools and products, so you need to find the right options for your long straight hair. Fortunately, there are many great brands to choose from.

Fight Frizz

Frizz can be difficult to tame, even if your hair is well-moisturized. Many products can help you get flyaways under control, but when you have straight hair, you have to be careful about which you choose.

Since straight hair tends to get oily, especially if it’s fine, you need a frizz-fighting product that won’t weigh you down. An excellent option is IGK’s CryBaby Anti-Frizz Smoothing Serum.

Total Results High Amplify Conditioner

Choose the Right Products

If your locks are limp and not even texturizing spray can help, you may need to change what you use in the shower. There are plenty of volumizing conditioners, such as the Total Results High Amplify Conditioner, that lift while moisturizing.

3. Choose a Haircut That Complements Long Straight Hair

If you want hair that’s easy to manage, you need a haircut that takes advantage of its length and texture. There are many haircuts for long straight hair, ensuring you can find one that fits your style and doesn’t require too much maintenance.


To add a little pizzazz to your ‘do, you can get a textured haircut. This involves cutting the ends at an angle to provide added volume and an appealing shape. Feathering and razor cutting are two popular techniques you can get at nearly any salon.


Long straight hair is the perfect medium for the layered look. You can get a style that frames your face, curls out or thins out near the ends. Layers are also a great way to pump up the volume, making it the perfect choice for anyone seeking a low-maintenance, high-glamour cut.

4. Learn Key Styling Techniques

Big Fun Raiser Volumizing Dry Texture Spray

It’s easy to like a hairstyle when you step out of the salon, but how do you recreate it at home? It’s actually easier than it seems.

With a few simple techniques, you can master the art of voluminous, glamorous hair. You just need two things: a volumizing product and a heated styling tool.


Long straight hair doesn’t have as much natural volume as its curly counterpart, but there are plenty of volumizing products you can use to give your locks some extra oomph. For example, the Big Fun Raiser Volumizing Dry Texture Spray from Sexy Hair lifts strands without stickiness.


Since straight hair isn’t as dry as curls, it stands up better to heated styling. You can use products such as BaBylissPRO’s Nano Titanium U Styler to achieve a variety of looks.

BaBylissPRO's Nano Titanium U Styler

Are you looking for more tips on styling or caring for your long straight hair? Then check out LaLa Daisy’s Beauty Resource Center. Here you’ll find information on products to avoid, haircare advice for straight hair and much more. You can also read this article from Cosmopolitan on the 20 straight hairstyles.