The Best Products for Straight Hair to Add to Your Routine

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Having straight hair might seem simple, but it can be anything but. For a healthy, voluminous look and feel, you need to shop for the best products for straight hair and add them to your routine. Fortunately, LaLa Daisy can help you find everything you need for unique hair type.

The Best Products for Straight Hair: Cleansers and Conditioners

Most experts recommend washing your hair no more than two or three times per week. However, if you have straight hair, you may struggle to achieve volume on those no-wash days. It may take some time to adjust to the new schedule, but the right products can keep your hair looking great every day, whether you’ve just washed it or not.


If you want to avoid limp roots, start with a volumizing shampoo. This type of product can help give you boost for a more voluptuous style.

Macadamia Weightless Conditioner 10 Oz


Heavy conditioners can weigh down your straight hair, causing it to fall flat no matter how you style it. They can also make your hair look greasy, so opt for a lightweight option, such as Macadamia Weightless Conditioner, for better results.

Clarifying Treatments

If you have straight hair, product and sebum buildup can be a serious problem. Add a clarifying shampoo to your routine or try a special treatment once a week for super clean strands from root to tip.

The Best Products for Straight Hair: Styling and Setting

One of the perks of straight hair is that you can leave it to dry right out of the shower and still enjoy gorgeous end results. Whether you air dry or blow dry, you’ll want to apply the right products to ensure more lift with less frizz and static.

Heat Protectants

Chances are you typically use some type of heat styling product on your straight hair. Be sure to apply a heat protectant first to prevent unnecessary damage.

UNITE Hair Boosta Thickening Creme, 4 oz.

Thickening Creams

If your straight hair is also fine, a thickening cream can give you the boost you need. Try UNITE Hair Boosta Thickening Cream by applying it evenly to clean, damp hair before styling. The unique compound forms to individual hair strands to make them plumper for that thick hair look.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day In-the-Shower Styler

Texturizing Products

Just because you have straight hair doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a textured or wavy style. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day In-the-Shower Styler is ideal for applying to wet hair right after you shampoo and condition. For wet or dry hair, spritz Sachajuan Ocean Mist on your tresses for instant texture and beachy waves.

Sachajuan - Ocean Mist 5.07 Oz
Paul Mitchell Express Dry Wash Waterless Shampoo 5.5 Oz

Dry Shampoos

When you’re not washing, be sure to apply a dry shampoo to refresh your roots, control excess oil and give you a boost of volume. Paul Mitchell Express Dry Wash Waterless Shampoo allows you to save time by skipping the shower while still achieving a fresh look. It also helps protect your hair from damage, such as split ends and breakage, as a result of too much washing.

Serums and Frizz Control Sprays

Your straight hair is particularly susceptible to static and frizz. Fortunately, you can use a lightweight serum or mist to help add an extra dose of light moisture to smooth those runaway strands. Obliphica Professional Seaberry Shine Mist also helps restore and strengthen hair in the process, all while leaving a deliciously sweet scent.

Obliphica Professional Seaberry Shine Mist, 3.4 oz.

Finishing Sprays

Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity Lightweight Control Hairspray 10.6 Oz

Once you’ve achieved the style or look you want, be sure to finish with a setting spray to help it hold all day long. Look for flexible options to keep your hair from looking or feeling too stiff. Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity Lightweight Control Hairspray is a great option for straight, fine hair.

Important Tips for Straight-Haired Beauties

For most people with straight hair, flat, limp or oily strands can be a problem. Be sure to clarify often to remove buildup so you can enjoy more volume with the right amount of shine. Talk with your stylist about the right cut so your hair has shape and movement as well.

To learn even more about the best products, ingredients, tools, and techniques for your straight hair, be sure to visit our Hair Care Advisor. You’ll find helpful tips and tricks so you can enjoy smooth, beautiful results and gorgeous, healthy hair. As always, LaLa Daisy is here to help you find all of your hair care, skin, and beauty needs, so shop our entire collection of amazing products to help you look and feel your best from head to toe.

And last but not least, if you are into science, you might want to get some technical information on how the environment can affect your straight hair and the beauty products you use. Check out this article on how humidity affects your straight hair from the Smithsonian Magazine.