Beyond Healthy Skin Care Products: 5 Things to Add to Your Diet for Great Skin & Hair

Beyond Healthy Skin Care Products: 5 Things to Add to Your Diet for Great Skin & Hair

Beautiful skin and hair is partially caused by correct use of high-quality, healthy skin care products and hair products like sulfate free shampoo, but it’s also determined greatly by the micro and macronutrients you put into your body, along with the amount of water you drink. In addition to finding the best beauty products on the LaLa Daisy website, take our advice for how to improve your diet with these beauty foods. The items we discuss here are powerful sources of nutrients that taste delicious and have health benefits for your skin and hair.


  1. Tomatoes


Tomatoes are a delicious ingredient in salads, sauces and more, and they’re also great for your skin because of their high amount of lycopene, which could make your skin more resistant to sunburns. Lycopene is also a very potent antioxidant, which can shield against free radical damage to the body.


  1. Healthy Proteins


Your hair needs protein to continue growing thick and strong, which is why you should make sure to get enough protein from a variety of sources like chicken, fish and eggs (which contain hair loss fighting biotin). Your hair also needs iron, and a deficiency in this mineral can lead to hair loss, which can be stressful and a little scary. Make sure to get enough iron by adding beef to your diet as well. If you are a vegetarian, there are other food sources that you can get protein and iron from. Try lentils for both protein and iron, spinach for a healthy dose of iron, and legumes for a great, healthy vegetarian protein.


  1. Greek Yogurt


Greek yogurt is as good for you as it is delicious. With both protein and Vitamin B5, greek yogurt can contribute to a healthy head of hair and may even ward off thinning hair. Swirl blueberries into this delicious food for an extra dose of powerful antioxidants and vitamins.


  1. Flax Seeds


Flax seeds are a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, with the added benefit of fiber and Omega-6 fatty acids. The healthy fats in flax seeds have been found to be helpful with people who experience acne. We think that flax seeds definitely deserve a place on this list of healthy foods.


  1. Salmon


In addition to being delicious, salmon is very good for you because of the healthy dose of Omega-3 fatty acids it contains. These healthy fats are fantastic for improving the look and texture of your skin and may reduce signs of aging. As a good source of protein, salmon is also a hair-healthy food. If you have the option at your grocery store, buy wild salmon.


In addition to reducing your consumption of unhealthy foods and ingredients like excess amounts of sugar, refined carbohydrates and alcohol, start incorporating these healthy foods into your diet. As you start this diet transformation, note any changes in how your skin and hair look and how you feel overall. Pair your new revamped diet with healthy skin care products, shampoos and conditioners from our selection, and you’ll be on your way to naturally healthy and beautiful skin.

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