The Best Acne Skin Care Products for Adults and Teens

The Best Acne Skin Care Products for Adults and Teens

Skin care has never been one-size-fits-all. For every skin concern, whether it be dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, dullness, aging skin, or teenage acne, there is a touted solution.

But what if your skin problems don’t fit into a tidy little category? What if, for instance, your acne persisted past your teenage years, or you spent a blissfully clear decade in your teens only to break out as an adult?

This is for all of you who may be dealing with acne well past puberty. Because of your age, you may have additional skin concerns to address on top of zits: things like dryness, excess shine or oil, fine lines, sun spots, dullness, or discoloration.

Luckily, there are skin care products for acne at any age. The right products not only zap zits, but perform double-duty, or even triple- or quadruple-duty!

For Your Twenties: Skin Care Products for Acne That Aren’t Too Harsh

When you hit your twenties and you still have acne, or a new crop of acne pops up, it may look different than the breakouts you might have seen in your teens.

For instance, teenage hormonal acne is usually located on the T-zone (the nose and forehead). Adult acne may be along your jawline and on your chin.

Furthermore, products for blasting teenage zits may be too harsh for your older skin. Of course, you’re still glowing in your twenties, but this is also prime time to take preventative measures to ensure you keep that glow decades from now.

To that end, your top skin care products should gently cleanse, moisturize, protect, and prevent premature signs of aging on top of fighting acne. Here are your best bets:

  • A gentle, foaming cleanser will remove dirt and excess oil without drying you out.
  • A light, oil-free moisturizer with SPF will help keep your skin dewy and protect it from the damaging sun.
  • For zits, spot treat with a product containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid – proven acne busters. Keep the percentage you use low to avoid irritation.
  • At night, apply a serum with antioxidants to replenish skin that may have taken a beating (staying up late, drinking, smoking, and general partying can all take their toll).

For Your Thirties: Oily Skin Care Products and Acne Treatments

When you hit your thirties, cell turnover slows down, which also means you may be battling dullness and fine lines on top of acne. Oily skin can still be a problem, too, because your facial oil glands actually become larger as you age.

Combat the first signs of aging by starting up a regular, gentle exfoliating routine to help get rid of those dead skin cells that dull your complexion and clog pores. On top of this, you should continue gentle cleansing, using moisturizer with SPF, and spot treating zits. Here are some other products you may want to consider:

  • Lots of anti-aging products fight fine lines as well as acne! Retinol in particular is a powerhouse ingredient that can give skin multiple benefits. If you use a product with retinol, as a night moisturizer, skip spot treating at the same time, because the active ingredients in zit creams can interact with retinol, and they will essentially cancel each other out.
  • For fine lines around the eyes, an eye cream can help smooth out skin and keep it supple.

For Your Forties and Beyond: Best Facial Skin Care Products for Acne

Unfortunately, hormonal acne can continue into your forties. Don’t despair; there are ways to keep it at bay and restore your youthful glow at the same time.

During your forties, your skin may be drier, and lines and wrinkles may be deepening, especially between your brows and around your mouth. For acne plus deeper wrinkles and dryness, your skin needs a lot more than you gave it in your thirties. Consider:

  • Gentle cleansing is key. A good skin care product that doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils is best.
  • A skin care product with retinol continues to be a good bet. This will improve both tone and texture as well as fight acne. It’s crucial to keep up a good exfoliation routine while using retinol, though, because your skin will shed much faster. (Which keeps you glowing!)
  • Add a product that helps build collagen, such as one that contains peptides. Try a serum that has both peptides and retinol to get a two-for-one acne-fighter and anti-aging treatment.
  • You should know this one by now: sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!

Your best facial skin care products for acne will not stay the same as you age. With each passing decade, your skin needs different types of care and attention. Prevent and protect in your twenties, treat and exfoliate in your thirties, and nourish and replenish in your forties in order to get your best skin at any age. For all the top skin care products you need for your facial routine, count on LaLa Daisy’s wide selection and great prices.

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