Day Drinking Beauty Solutions

Day Drinking Beauty Solutions

Ah, the lazy, hazy days of summer. When you are finally taking a break from your hectic usual schedule, you want to learn some beauty hacks so you can primp quickly and spend your time doing leisure activities.

Summer days are sometimes filled with day drinking and lots of sunshine. Here are some beauty secrets to keep you looking fabulous long into your evening.

Decide On Your Basics

The key to a streamlined, effective beauty routine is finding what works for you and doing it on a regular basis. Gather your favorite products together into a small bag and stash it somewhere that is easily accessible. Believe it or not, a cheap, clear Ziploc bag is a favorite of many because you can immediately see what is in it.

Your collection should include:

  • Moisturizers and eye creams (with SPF for day and without for night)
  • Cleanser
  • Makeup
  • Hairbands and clips
  • Makeup remover or wipes

When you are well organized, beauty hacks become easy. And after all, wouldn’t you rather spend your summer days having fun rather than wasting time looking for things?

Shun the Sun (Sort of)

We all know that the sun has many positive benefits. Some sun exposure:

  • Provides necessary Vitamin D
  • Boosts serotonin to counter depression
  • Protects against certain types of cancer
  • Aids with better sleep at night
  • Helps with eye health

However, too much sun can be a negative thing. In addition to increasing the risk of skin cancer, excess sun contributes to wrinkles, redness and aging skin.

So, be sure to create a balance. Get some sun exposure, but cover up as much as possible. Wear hats that shade your face and apply sunscreen regularly. These little steps provide a big dividend in the long run, when you see how much younger your skin looks compared to people who regularly sunbathed without protection.

Every now and then we all slip. If you happen to have a day where you get that dreaded sunburn, use some old-fashioned remedies. Cold compresses soothe your face, as does aloe vera in either plant or bottle form.

Complementing those treatments with a product like Davines SU Aftersun quickly helps ease the consequences of too much sun. This Italian-made gel cream that is rich in Vitamin C packs a one-two punch, nourishing your heated skin while moisturizing to guard against any drying aftereffects.


Streamline Your Makeup

In the summer, women generally do not wear as much makeup as they might the rest of the year. Some light color on your face evens out your skin tone and requires just minimal makeup.

If you experience redness, correct it to restore your skin to a more stable appearance. Cosmetic color correctors have been specially formulated to immediately do just this.

Colorescience All Calm Clinical Redness Corrector SPF 50 Broad Spectrum accomplishes two tasks at once. One, it provides the necessary sunscreen to prevent future damage. And two, it treats those red spots that you already have while calming irritated skin.

However, for a long-term solution to the redness, use a serum like REN Skincare Anti-Redness Serum. By guiding your skin to be less reactive, it counters both redness and irritation over the long haul while using 100% plant- and mineral-derived active ingredients.

Once your skin is set, think about what other cosmetics can best round out that minimalism. For your everyday look, you might choose to limit yourself to a little mascara such as PUR Big Look Mascara and a swipe of the ever-flattering Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Sandwash Pink, the perfect beauty solutions for those long and lively days of summer.

Bobbi Brown

Stay Rested Looking

Your eyes are the part of your face that most show when you are tired. When you treat them well, you can bring a rested look to your face – even if you have been going nonstop to concerts, picnics and the beach.

Too much sun, copious amounts of alcohol and not enough sleep can cause bags, puffiness and wrinkles to form underneath your eyes. Once you restore that skin, your entire appearance improves.

So, how do you tackle that delicate area? One of the best beauty solutions for your eye region is to be sure to hydrate as much as possible. And no, we are not talking about frozen mojitos and margaritas.

Rather, make sure that you are drinking a sufficient amount of water each day, and even more on the days when you are indulging in alcoholic drinks. If necessary, add flavorings to your water. Cucumber slices and mint are one good combination, and raspberries and blueberries are another.

Then, treat your eyes topically. A wet washcloth folded in quarters lengthwise placed in the freezer for a half an hour or so makes a great cold compress to subdue any puffiness or sun damage you may have.

To add a little more help, Becca Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer has cooling ingredients to keep soothing your sensitive eye area while reducing the look of those little lines and dark circles. It works well under makeup, too.

Once a week, or more if needed, pamper your eyes with an in-depth masque such as Elemis Absolute Eye Mask. This amazing product hydrates the surrounding vicinity, thus helping to plump up the area near the wrinkles and fine lines with luxurious natural ingredients like lavender and Vitamin E.

Help Your Hair

Summer hair tends toward dry and frizzy. Too much sun, chlorine saturation and the frizzies created from humid heat create less than ideal conditions.

To rescue your locks, first try to moisturize as much as possible. In the shower, apply conditioner first, and then shampoo a minute later before rinsing them out together.

Nurture your tresses with a product like DevaCurl Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam. By reining in that frizz and adding volume to your hair, you instantly have the appearance of a healthier head.

Figure out what hairstyles are cute and easy for summer. Braids, messy buns and high ponytails all look adorable while keeping that mane tame. Be sure to keep hairbands, barrettes and clips on hand so you can easily pop your hair into one of those hairdos.

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By figuring out what beauty hacks work best for you, you can free up time better spend on other pursuits, while still looking great in any selfies you take. Enlist the help of LaLa Daisy when you need to choose that perfect tube for your face or hair to get the summertime look you want.

We carefully select our products by seeking out those that use healthy, natural ingredients to nourish and fortify your body, and offer them at prices that are kind to your wallet. No matter what beauty solutions you are seeking, we can help find a solution so you can pamper your body with kindness. From bath and body products to beauty tools to shave care for him, LaLa Daisy has what you need at a cost you can afford.

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